Close Encounters… of the Pilot Mountain Kind…


Over the past few years, I’ve written a few blog posts on visits to Pilot Mountain, NC (see Take One from Pilot Mountain… and Awakening Energy Center from 10/10 and also Take Two: SHOOTING Through the Door to an Expanded Reality on Pilot Mountain! from 11/10)… and I’ve had multiple other awesome experiences there that never made it as a blog post but are posted elsewhere on the site; particularly about receiving initialization to entrainment to the Trinity Energy I now use and teach (see Trinity Energy Progression and Healing for the whole story).

Suddenly, I’ve noticed a handful of people I know who have suddenly “just needed” to go to Pilot Mountain for a day (it’s a 2-hour drive from where I live)… one person I know just felt the pull one morning and went, on a VERY COLD winter day… I’ve had others ask me multiple times if I would go with them over the past month, and my initial reaction has been, “Um… no… it IS February, you know, sorta cold… let’s just plan for April or so…”

I should’ve known THAT would’ve come back to bite me in the butt!

About a week ago, I was in meditation, and heard, very distinctly, that I needed to go… ALONE (I’ve always had others with me before). I asked when… and understood it to be ASAP. Initially, I laughed, thinking about the recount of the client who went on that very cold day, and asked, “REALLY?” Yes… immediate and absolute, no questions asked. Later that day, I looked at the 7-day forecast for North Carolina, and saw that it would be spiking in temperature on Thursday (yesterday); I understood immediately that it was the day I was to go. So, I rescheduled my appointments/sessions, and cleared that day.

Several days before that came about, I’d been in a very active sleep state (common for me these days), and I knew I was doing some kind of energy work, talking with Guides, etc… when suddenly, I was half awake, and in my mind, saw an angel, very distinct, standing next to my bed. The angel leaned over and whispered loudly in my ear – as loudly as if a person here would have done – “OPEN YOUR EYES!” So, I did… lay there for a moment, adjusting my sight to the darkness, waiting to see something… and when I didn’t, I looked over at the clock… it was 3:33. I’m well aware of the multiple-number phenomena (Doreen Virtue has quite a bit on that, even if you Google it online), and how often non-3D Beings communicate with us here on the 3D via double, triple, and quadruple numbers… but I waited, and when I didn’t hear anything, thought, “Seriously? You WOKE ME UP to look at the clock at 3:33?” Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Within 24 hours, I was noticing double and triple digits almost EVERYWHERE… when I was working on something related to the Trinity Energy, I would see 3’s… needing some angelic support, 4’s… and a mix of 1’s, 2’s, and others. It quickly became really obvious that this was another way for me to receive guidance, sort of like the path was being shown to me. I had some rather amazing experiences “in the waking world” of synchronicity and just an amazing accuracy of details that would come in around that.  So, I realized that the “Open your eyes” message had to do with SEEING what was being SHOWN to me here… outside of meditation/connecting in or sleep.

So, fast forward to yesterday, and my trek to Pilot Mountain…

Every time I looked at the clock or something with numbers from when I woke up, there were doubles and triples in EVERYTHING. It was REALLY prominent… nothing I could just write off. In fact, I found myself laughing… because I felt completely accompanied! I could almost feel my “travel companions,” egging me on… “Let’s go! Let’s go!” I was gathering some hiking food, looked up at the clock… 9:33. Checked email; my main email account had 1122 messages (cumulatively)… I got on the road, and almost EVERY TIME I noticed the number on a license plate, there was a double or triple digit… I’d look over at a billboard on the side of the road; a phone number or some other number on the sign would have a triple digit. Seriously; by the time I was halfway there, I was laughing out loud in the car, feeling like I was being prompted again and again… playfully, like I could almost hear laughing. I would say, “OK, already! I’m going as fast as I can!”

Though it was due to be in the 70s, all morning and when I left, it had been dark gray, and it actually looked like it was going to rain. I never let if phase me. It stayed that way the entire trip… until I was about 15 minutes away. Then, the sky just parted, and the sun came out… and, just as I came around the curve where I could see Pilot Mountain approaching in the distance, there was one lone cloud left, and it made one of those odd shapes around Big Pinnacle on the mountain… which distinctly reminded me of many pictures I’ve seen of Mount Shasta, CA (a MAJOR energetic power center); I thought, “How odd…” and thought of stopping to take a picture… but I was being prodded on… so, this post has a picture that I created in PhotoShop, so you get the idea…

Anyway, got to the top parking lot, and noticed the temperature: 55 degrees. I pulled into a spot; it was 12:22. Seriously! I hesitated a moment at the temperature, though… I’d just worn jeans and a tank top with a thin button down open as cover. Hardly something for ’50s… but I just trusted I would be fine.

Feeling the welcoming energy of the mountain telling me, “Welcome home,” off I trod towards Big Pinnacle, where I love to climb up on the rocks, whichever way the mountain “shows me the steps”… no preconception in mind; hey, at the very least, I figured I’d get some AWESOME meditation and journaling time on the rocks! Something interested I’d noted: In the past, when I even got near the mountain, my back would “light up,” “go electric” – basically, a zap of energy to alert me to that power source. This time, I hadn’t felt that… however, I’d felt wide open from when I’d awakened that morning. Even as I approached Big Pinnacle, I was feeling pretty “normal”… but I knew there was something… slightly… different about that “normal” feeling.

When I first got to the base of Big Pinnacle, I looked up… it has quite the beautiful rock face, with many faces in the rocks. I was taken aback for a moment; I’d just been there a little more than 3 months ago – on 11-11-11 – and as I stood gazing on the Big Pinncle today, it seemed that there were many, many more faces in view. I noted that and pressed on… waiting for the guidance as to where to stop.

As I walked on, I suddenly started getting BARRAGED… with the presence of multiple Beings. It was so much that it was almost a buzz in my head… and I realized somewhere in there that instead of getting “the buzz,” as I call it, I somehow “changed my reality” there. Does that make sense? It was like I was in a dimensional doorway, and my body just adjusted. So, though I didn’t feel any different than “normal,” I started hearing a LOT… “Welcome back…” “This way…” “We KNOW you can hear us…” “Look over here…” etc. Typically in a state park, I would have thought they were elementals (and I have a blog to write about THAT from about a week ago… first things first)… however, I immediately KNEW that they were Star Beings.

Which, looking back now, makes sense about that weird cloud around the Big Pinnacle, doesn’t it? Many say Star Being ships or whatever cause those weird clouds… but it feels right.

What was interesting was that it wasn’t just ONE kind of Star Being… there were MANY different kinds there… almost an overwhelming many! “Testing the doorway”… something like that. So full of love; so full of happiness that we are finally to be united in THIS consciousness, and able to work together for the Higher Good!

So, I found the first “stopping place” I was guided to stop at… and I climbed all the way up and just sat there. I felt comfortable and at home. Some of the rocks were wet – so obviously it had rained – but it didn’t phase me in the least; every place I was guided to stop was dry (of course, right?). I sat there, on the first rock cropping at which I stopped, and just waited. I sort of marveled at how “normal” I felt… without the extra buzzing… yet I knew it was DIFFERENT. I knew something had changed. So I just waited; and then I heard, “Remember how to physically SEE and HEAR Beings – with your physical eyes and ears – who are focused at dimension higher than the 3rd…” I was like, OK… yes, like DUH… why haven’t I thought of THAT before? I realized I had some fears to clear out related to that, so I did that first, and then I did what was suggested to me… ran through a clearing to remember how to do that without impeding my ability to see and hear at the 3D level simultaneously, and everything else related. When I was done with that, I was told to move on. So I did.

I found the next area at which I was supposed to stop… this was funny, too. I had climbed off the path onto a mini path to the rocks to climb, and I suddenly heard, “SIT DOWN!” And so, I just did, right there, just as I saw a park ranger, walking around the bend on the path. I hadn’t even looked at where I was sitting; I simply had been a little bit startled by that loud kind of command, so I just did it. I landed on a nice pile of pine straw that was warmed by the sun and dry. And apparently, that spot was just perfectly situated so the park ranger was able to just walk by and not see me at all… and I think there was something additional to that… like I wasn’t quite ALL dense, or something like that… but he literally walked right in front of me, about 5 feet away, and though he’d been looking up on the rocks, he never even looked in my direction, never noticed my presence. I was hidden in plain sight.

I was like, “Hmm… interesting…” and wondered why that would matter (and just as quickly remembered all of the signs up there that say NO CLIMBING ON THE ROCKS…). So, I waited until he was gone, and then I continued up.

I got to the ledge where I was supposed to stop next, and THAT’S where I spent a good portion of time; it was there I was guided to simply just BE a part of the mountain, to meditate in Trinity Energy and meld with the mountain, and other meditative exercises. I don’t know how long I was there – probably way longer than the physical time record of it! THAT was absolutely wonderful; even though I was sitting right around the corner to the sun, in the shade, I felt warm and embraced and nurtured… at one point, though, I was deep in meditation, and a stiff, cold breeze whipped up, encircled me, and seemed to go right through me – however, it felt REALLY cleansing, and really good! After that, I just started journaling. And journaling… much of it was a conversation with the Star Beings. Somehow, I understood that it was important for me to have “the signature” of Pilot Mountain energy as the energy that awakened me. I remember that much… and I puzzled over it a little bit, tried to get irritated about it a little bit, but it seemed right, even though I couldn’t figure out WHY it was important.

From my journal:

I hear there are many Star Beings here… they were delighted with me all the way, playing the games with the numbers… all the more delighted that I NOTICED.

I have done the clearings, and have told them to show themselves to me.

I keep on seeing flashes of silver that are liquid in the air, barely there then gone. There was a moment, coming to this spot, when I saw an interesting combination of the sun’s rays… and it looked like the rays had hit the edge of something almost directly in front of me, for a moment making the outline of a shape… and then it was gone. I’ve seen it just off of this ledge a few times, too. So cool!

I also feel like they’re telling/showing me that they’re superimposed on the mountain… the rocks… the trees… the wildlife. As I just wrote that, a raven flew by, close enough to startle me, and it made an interesting sound as it was passing me, as if it were speaking to me.

When I was sitting here with my eyes closed, and I was HEARING them speak to me, I opened my eyes and suddenly saw 3 ladybugs (of course 3!)… just 3. I closed my eyes and opened them again… and the ladybugs were in very different placement, like I had recreated the scene… or they moved so I would NOTICE that they’d moved.

I’m hearing “It won’t be long…” For what? “Before the changes…”

…Somehow, it was important to anchor my heart with the mountain… I heard so all know at which power point I was awakened. ??? Don’t know why that matters. I’m NOT big on “tagging,” but it does feel important somehow…

 THIS was a funny comment… and a funnier “answer” I received…

 Sometimes I wonder… if all of this is just in my head. The response I get to that, loudly, is “If it were only in your head, you wouldn’t be here…. You know it isn’t.”  ??? Somehow that makes sense, but it isn’t quite logical, is it? And as soon as I think and then write that, I hear that quote between Harry (Potter) and Dumbledore: Harry: “Professor Dumbledore… how do I know that this isn’t all just in my head?” Dumbledore: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry… but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?”

It was a wonderful day… so beautiful, so peaceful… and besides everything else, being able to watch vultures, hawks, and ravens play in the current by their mountaintop nests, at eye level, far above the surrounding world was a wonderful respite!

I hadn’t taken my cell phone with me on the walk/hike… and was coming back down to Earth when I returned to my car. As I pulled off of the mountain and onto the highway I looked at the clock.. 2:22… by the clock, I was there EXACTLY 2 hours… though it felt MUCH longer! (Oh, and of course, the temperature? 66 degrees…)

Here’s what was really, really interesting on the way home…

I’m used to seeing tree auras, and it’s most prominent to me when I’m driving on the highway, probably because the trees line the road, and their auras simply meld and make these continuous “bubbles” in the air along the highway. I wasn’t even thinking about anything… I was still just enjoying the awesome weather, opened all the windows and just felt GOOD. Well, about 15 minutes after I left, I noticed… something. Movement in the air, where I would typically see the auras (however, they typically aren’t moving). So I looked up, and I realized that I saw this interesting movement throughout the entire sky… it was circular, and sort of shimmering, almost like I was SEEING a VIBRATION. I didn’t have to really do anything with my eyes – you know, like with the Magic Eye pictures, where you have to really relax the eyes to see the 3D picture –  it was easy for me to see with my “normal” vision. I wondered if it had to do with the clearing I did at the mountain…

It feels like it was some part of the “veil” (for lack of a better word) between the overlays of the dimensions that are coming together! I suddenly knew why so many are seeing “scenes” and “pictures” in the clouds, so clearly… because that’s the easiest place for us to SEE through the doorway! When I was on open road (no cars too close to me in case I drifted a little LOL), I looked at the movement thing (whatever it is), into the clouds, and I knew I could… just… about… see… through… it… so interesting!

I’m just amazed at how this journey continues to morph and develop… and the understandings I’ve “remembered” over the past several years are actually starting to happen, here in the physical world! When I was on the mountain yesterday, I suddenly remembered, seemingly out of the blue, how when babies are born, it takes their eyes around three months to focus in  on anything more than a few inches in front of their faces. And somehow that’s connected; will it take around three months for my “sight” and “hearing” to fully adjust? Who knows?

What I DO know: Three months takes me to the end of May… and it’s June when I’m being guided to take my trip to visit Mount Shasta… so very, very interesting…and the journey continues…  🙂

If you’d like to receive the downloads so that YOU can see Beings 3D and higher… see the Clearings/Downloads page…

Seeing the Glass COMPLETELY Full, and Taking From It What You Will…


Twice in the past month, when doing an “energetic share” (where a practitioner and I will swap a session with each other), I’ve had two different spiritual practitioners tell me they’ve seen lightning bolts coming out of my hands. In one session, the practitioner saw me flying a Pegasus and then actually BECOME the one flying… and I was shooting firebolts at the masses, to help them heal in a very powerful way. I was told, at first, many looked scared, because it was so unusual, so “out-of-the-ordinary,” and so powerful… but then as they realized it was HELPING them, they embraced it. For the second session, the other practitioner told me he saw me pulling energy like lightning through my body, and out of my hands, and it was very powerful and very healing.

How cool is THAT?

Not too long ago, I was gifted with remembrance of a beautiful, powerful progression and healing energy to bring forward to as many as possible (see more about Trinity Energy). How much more powerful can you get than tapping into energy of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child – the Christ Consciousness – that’s within all of us?

So, some might ask, “What makes YOU so special? Why would YOU get that energy to share?”

And my answer is, “I am the Divine; why WOULDN’T I get that energy to share?”

OF COURSE I can do that… OF COURSE I can BE that… OF COURSE I deserve that…

The point is, we ALL can.

Throughout this existence, we’ve done such an awesome job convincing ourselves that we’re not “special”… we’ve disempowered ourselves to believe that power comes from outside of us, that the Divine is outside of us, that OTHERS are far more gifted than us, far more special, that there can only be “a few” special ones… and that it’s only a very, very, very special someone who can do certain “magical” things. So, we’ve pretty much decided that the glass is half empty as a human, and that being human is being “merely human”… and we’ve created the word “imperfect” in reflection of that. Look around you: Even supposedly inspirational quotes say, “I embrace my imperfections…” or “I accept that I’m ONLY human…” and other similar wording.  So, though that fills the glass a little more – with the positive intention – it still comes up a bit short.

It’s time for us to remember that we are all part of the Oneness; and in being part of the Oneness – whatever you call it, the Divine, God, Spirit, Creator, Universal Life Force, or about a dozen other names – we are all a part of the Divine.

Here’s how I understand it, in an extremely abbreviated Cliff Notes (or Wiki) version:

The Divine – Divine, Unconditional Love – is all-encompassing, eternal, and everlasting. And, just as part of BEING, we decided we wanted to EXPERIENCE. And so, we created the illusion of separating from the Divine. In doing that, we set up the concept of the individual soul – simply a partitioned part of the Divine – to pretend that we’re NOT the Divine (although there is no real possibility of NOT being the Divine, because we just ARE).  We set up the concept of splitting up even further – into “more parts within a soul” – forming soul families – and we decided what we wanted to experience, created the Laws to rule the concept of experience and how to experience (including, among a bazillion others, the concept of the Law of Duality and the Laws of Time), and then each “partition” – each soul, regardless of what  – decided on which experiences it wanted in this existence. In doing so, we created the “packages” and forms that we would take to be able to have certain experiences… then we created a whole bunch of different ways to pretend to break apart even further – into gender, into Twins – and even more ways to package ourselves differently to have the experiences we created.

It’s absolutely the most complex, multi-dimensional, holographic game of chess EVER! Only, we all “win”… we all get all the experiences we choose!

So, in setting out on our paths to experience, to create this existence, to create this dimension, this world, and our “Universe,” we – as whatever individuals and whatever parts of individuals and parts of soul families we’re pretending to be – decided all of the “packages” we’d have to create for ourselves to have all of those experiences. This brings about the concept of multiple lifetimes… being packaged EXACTLY the way we desire so we could have EXACTLY the experiences and lessons we desire to have. If we were packaged one way, in one situation, ever, how much would we ever really learn, as Divine Beings? Very little.

And, once we’re all done with our experiences, we start to remember who we are, we remember that we’ve never left, that we’ve ALWAYS been the Divine… that we are ALWAYS all-powerful and all-love, and we come back together in consciousness, each level in itself and then all of us together as One, to compare notes, to understand the experiences… and to create a NEW existence with NEW experiences (except, oh, yeah, there really IS no time, so we’re actually sort of doing ALL of it, ever, simultaneously, from the perspective of the Divine that we are).

Pretty big, hunh?

Don’t spend too much time (LOL) thinking too much about the details here… the point to considering this is simply to maybe provide a slightly different perspective on the way we look at things. Simply put: We are ALWAYS the Divine… we have never left, we have never separated… we’ve done this perfectly, as the Divine does. EXACTLY in the bazillion ways we planned. We’re starting to flex our muscles again, to wake up and realize, “Oh, YEAH… I AM all of this; I have it ALL inside of me, all the time… and it’s all mine to be accessed!”

And when you start to see things that way, you realize… well, the glass isn’t HALF full; it’s actually BRIMMING OVER THE TOP full, all the time, always… and we CHOOSE to be who we are, what we are, to do what we do, to experience and learn lessons the way we do, to SEE things through the filter of the experiences and lessons we’ve chosen… and then, as we resolve and finalize all of that, we can remember all that we’ve forgotten… and that every single one of us – EVERY SINGLE ONE – is just another part of ourselves.

If every single one of us is a part of ourselves, and we’re all a part of the Divine – well, we’re all Divine. It’s not that none of us are special… it’s that ALL of us are special, ALL of us are perfect… because we’re “doing” this existence exactly in the way we’ve chosen, as our part of the consciousness of the Divine. But, also, the more we remember our Divinity is within, the more we can realize that we all can do ALL of it… and better yet, we can access and use it in our very unique, exquisitely beautiful ways.

And then, the realization comes that we’re ALL perfect… just the way we are. Right now, this second. We’re taking the paths we planned to take, in the way we’ve planned to take them. All of a bazillion… or so. How incredible is THAT?

You might say, “If I’m perfect, then what motivation do I have to improve myself, to change, or to change directions/paths?”

Because we built ourselves to be that way, too! That’s a huge part of the ego’s role…  to keep us moving in one way or another through our lessons; plus, it’s a huge part of the “Laws” that we’ve created as part of this “game.” Don’t get me wrong: If you want to just be, you can just be… and, if your soul is completely done with its lessons in this existence, that might be all you need to do. If not, you’ll just be back around again in another package, in a different way. Your Higher Self is all about that!

So, the next time you say, “I’m only human…” or “I’m imperfect…” just remember that you’re only seeing the glass half empty because it’s been your CHOICE in the lessons you’re learning to see it that way. But that’s really the illusion… and if you brought that glass to your lips and took a drink of the Universe… you’d absolutely realize that the glass is completely full. Not only that, but you can change what kind of liquid is in there, as well as its color, its taste… well, you get what I mean.

Now…you can just repeat after me:


In lak’ech ala k’in.  🙂


On Humor… Connecting In… and Punch-Buggies


I love the punch-buggy game.

In all reality, I’d completely forgotten about it, until one of my kids picked it up from one of their friends… and it’s been a family-wide “battle to the death” in my family ever since!

So, for those who are un-enlightened on this game, here’s a simple explanation: While in the car, whenever you see a VW Beetle on the road – driving, parked, in a parking lot, etc. – you get to (playfully) punch someone else in the car, while simultaneously yelling, “(The color) punch-buggy… CAN’T PUNCH BACK!” Because, of course… you don’t want to get a punch back from anyone else in the car! We’ve also added some odd nuances… 2 punches for a convertible, 2 punches for a “classic model”… and I’ve actually added in the rule that car dealerships aren’t allowed (so there aren’t 20 punches going around when passing a VW dealership! LOL).

Such an odd game that’s been around for YEARS… but yet, no matter what’s going on in my family – whether someone’s irritated at someone else, or simply in a cranky mood – a simple “punch buggy” passing by sends it all to the wayside, and before you know it, we’re all smiling and/or laughing.

I love humor – jokes, laughter, light-heartedness, playing – and that’s carried over into working in the spiritual world. From the beginning, I’ve communicated with my guides as they are my sisters, brothers, best friends – which they are – and in turn, they’ve communicated in the same manner with me. In fact, it was made clear to me early on in my active spiritual quest that in actuality, humor and playfulness actually opens up the channels even wider… because it provides additional means to receive messages and understandings from “the expanded Universe.”

Humor and playfulness also relaxes us. In its pure form, it comes from love… and if love is the only true Absolute in the Universe (which I’ve been made to understand/remember), then OF COURSE it fits into expanding our connectedness and spirituality! Now, I won’t go into the whole line of “humor” that’s been displayed by my guides and higher self in terms of puns and duplicitous meanings – it’ll be some other time that I’ll tell you more about a 3-week sudden infestation of tiny ants in my house that ended abruptly right after a visit from one of the archangels, who said to me, “About those ants… feeling a bit ‘antsy’ lately?” followed by a burst of laughter that was simply pure love…. and the absolutely amazing and witty banter that I’ve had on occasion with Jeshua and Ezekiel and others (and for those who don’t think that Jeshua would be witty and funny… think again, he’s got THE BEST sense of humor! LOL)… and how much I love, love, LOVE it when I’m talking out loud with a friend, and a witty or snarky comment is made, and I suddenly hear this thunderous laughter by one or more of my (or the other person’s) Guide family. It’s during THOSE moments when I sometimes feel like my heart is going to burst from the love that comes through from that. It’s such a HUGE feeling… there’s no real word for it, but to say it’s MAGNIFICENT and AMAZING is barely touching on the feeling of it.

Now, though my norm is a very laid-back, light, and fun approach to all of this, what I do as part of my “job” is connect with many others and work with them through their blocks, ailments, and other limiting thoughts, words, and actions. And because I care so much about those with whom I’m working, because I’ve come into the habit of connecting with them heart-to-heart, sometimes there are moments – most often, when I’m alone and “in between” activities – that I reach out to seek what it is we haven’t touched upon, what it is that we’ve “missed,” when I’m working with someone (or myself) to get past a particularly stubborn piece that doesn’t want to be released. And, sometimes those are the moments that provide concern and a little stress.

Well, back to my punch-buggies. It was funny; for several weeks, I was consciously noticing that though I might see 1 or 2 punch-buggies while someone was in the car with me, it was during the times when I was alone with my thoughts in the car that I’d suddenly see 3 or 4 in a row. I even commented to my husband about it in jest… asking if I could just make a list and get everyone later on, because it just wasn’t fair! LOL Then, one day, I was driving alone along an open stretch of road, focusing intently on some issues related to a client and a few friends, when I briefly snapped out of my distraction because I saw a bright orange punch-buggy, sitting at the corner of an intersecting road. And I swear, I heard some laughing. It was then, I thought, “Really? It’s the lot of YOU playing punch buggy with me?” I laughed out loud, and then thought, “Well, then… if that IS the case, then… hmm… OK, when I come around this next bend, there will be another one…” A few seconds later, when I got to that bend, wouldn’t you know that there was a black punch-buggy, right there, coming the other way? I laughed again, and thought, “OK, one mo’ time… at the next intersection…” Do you have to wonder at this point? Of course there was one sitting at the light at the next intersection!

At first, I was wondering how the heck playing a form of punch-buggy with my Guides made any sense whatsoever… and I immediately heard, “Lighten up! We’re here with you, you’ve got it covered… no worries!” It was then that I realized that I saved much of that kind of intense “thinking” for driving alone in the car… and it was my Guides’/Higher Self’s playful way of pulling me away from bringing myself down, getting sad or sometimes frustrated, unnerved, or doubtful…

So now, when when I’m driving alone in the car and get lost in thought, and suddenly a bright-colored punch-buggy suddenly pops into view (and really, they don’t typically let it ride with just one punch-buggy; typically I’ll suddenly see several in a span of a few minutes when this happens), I GET IT – I let it go, let it flow, and get back “in the game.”

Because the BEST part of all of this is really knowing how much support and how much love we ALL have in every moment of every day… and that the more we lighten up, the more fun we can have with our journey… and the more we can see things without bringing ourselves and our vibrations down.

So, take note the next time a pattern of “strange humor” pops up in your life… and use that as a nudge to remember, allow it to flow, allow it to be joyful, fun, and adventurous… and you’ll be helped to keep it there, all the way!



Mates vs. Twins – A Way to Look at the Play by Play (Part I – Soul Mates)


Sounds like a ball game, doesn’t it?

As we’re changing in vibration – coming around to our spiritual evolution and enlightenment – we’re completing a vast cycle of experience in this existence that we wanted to accomplish. We’re lifting the veils that we’ve allowed to provide us with the illusion of separation, on many, many levels. My understanding is that many will disappear, and a few will remain – by choice – but will be thin and translucent in many respects for the “next” version of Earth – which I affectionately call “Earth 2.0.”

In helping others with these efforts, the question often comes up about soul mates, and, occasionally (but surprisingly far less often), twin flames or twin souls. I explain it from my perspective, as I’ve been shown to understand what each is… and the topic is coming up more and more lately. So, here’s a little play by play, purely from my understanding… though I’m going to warn you that this might be a little more “far out” than I typically commit to writing! So, buckle in… put your helmets on… and enjoy the ride into the rabbit hole!

Soul Mates – Really Our Soul Family
This comes from the perspective of us being all One. We’re ALL the Divine. Every single Being in this Universe, every dimension, every level of consciousness, every particle, every bit of anti-matter, every object… everything.  Think of the Universe in terms of our human bodies – several trillion cells, all with individual consciousness of sorts making up the entire shebang. So, say we decided to pretend to break off into a subset of the Divine – the One – as different consciousness and plan this Universe and then this 3D Earth existence, including the laws and the desired experience. And then we said, “Hey… let’s break into the perception of even smaller parts – individual souls (like our body’s individual cells) – so we can really, really do all of these things, and EXPERIENCE.” So we do that… and in some way, decide to pretend to group together… by something like subsets (or, like our bodily organs). This “group”  decides on its own vibration, and wants to have this set of experiences this way… and each group does the same, and has their own vibration, their own energy that they somehow differentiate from the whole.

Voila the soul family!

So, then each soul family says, “OK, we’re signing up for THESE experiences, in this way…” And the experiential highlights of the entire existence are decided. We stay close; we agree to go through key experience after experience together, in some way, shape, or form, until all of the desired experiences are complete and we come to the apex of this existence and to the doorway of the next one. So, life after life, this soul family stays together. On Earth, it translates into those in our lives… our family, our friends, our lovers, our spouses, our neighbors, and our enemies – yes, even the ones who cause us the most pain – because those are yet more experiences and lessons. Each iterates into different forms – different people, different relationships – depending on the desired set of experiences. So, for some lives, the same two souls might be siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, parent and child… and though they might prefer one relationship over the other because of the desired experiences, there is no rule that says the relationship stays the same, life after life.

The soul family are our soul mates… every single one of them.

So, that terrible relationship you had, where your significant other was sleeping around? A parent who was abusive? The bully who picked on you incessantly through elementary school? Yep, they’re soul mates, too. They love us so much at the higher consciousness level to play out an experience that we choose to have – even though it’s via exploring a dark place within ourselves – so we can become the person we later work through it to become. Because it’s a dark place within themselves that they choose to create and explore, as well.

For example, my husband is a very close soul mate of mine – in fact, one of the core soul mates in my soul family. I’ve been shown that we’ve chosen to have many of the most intense experiences together – some that one would view as the most positive and most negative – throughout this existence, many lives. He’s been my husband, my wife, my lover, my cousin, an adversary, a child… and guess what? I love to share with others (and laugh about it, too) that we’ve killed each other. Multiple times – sometimes “by accident” and sometimes in cold blood. We’ve loved each other; we’ve loathed each other; we’ve been best friends; we’ve been worst enemies. In fact, I was shown that we were here together in our original experience – way back in Lemuria/Mu! I love him immensely, and we are very, very connected in many ways. However, we’re not twin flames/twin souls… even though it was in Lemuria/Mu when we were here together through the experience of having our soul split (which I’ll get to in the Twin Flame/Twin Soul section, in Part 2).

Since actively going through my Grand Awakening process over the past few years, I’ve explored a number of these lives; I was told at the onset in terms of my husband that this is our final iteration together; it’s important for me to remember some of them, to assimilate the main lessons from those experiences, and assimilate the person I chose to be through each of those experiences into my conscious form today. We chose to be here together at the (relative) beginning… and through a good portion of the (relative) final iteration, while we’re preparing for our next existence in “Earth 2.0.”

It’s sort of like exam time… we’re at the end of high school, taking our college entrance exams… and the goal for each of us is to assimilate the sum of our individual experiences to get to the same place, the same level of understanding. Can we really fail “the exam”? No; we can just spend a little more time assimilating our experiences… but we all get there. The beauty is the individual path that every one of us has.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s my understanding that when we get through those exams, those of us who have twin flames/twin souls will be ready to rejoin and ultimately recombine… as a doorway into the next existence. (And, you may ask, who wouldn’t have a twin? Most typically, those who have chosen a majority of their existence at a Star neighbor in another galaxy/dimension/Universe… but who decided to come to Earth for a number of iterations for some purpose they chose. Also, other souls that came into being AFTER the split; there are a number of those. Does it make any soul more important than another in the scheme of things? Absolutely not; just a different path and set of experiences, that’s all.)

So, when I see things from this perspective, and a client/potential client/friend/relative talks to me about “finding their soul mate,” I typically tell them first they already know a number of their soul mates (in fact, I very well could be one of them, in some way, shape, or form), and second – the most important part – the goal here is to remember that we are unconditionally loved, always… and that at the apex of our development, we are to realize that all love, all existence, comes from within – not without. So, in pining for a “soul mate” from the highly romanticized viewpoint that society tends to give it today, we’re realizing that there are still parts of us, parts of love, that we have yet to find within ourselves. If that’s the case – which it typically is – whatever the experience we’ve chosen to have to help us reignite that self love, such pining could potentially attract a relationship based on a very negative foundation, just as easily as one based in a positive one… whatever experience it will take to help us eventually get to that self love that allows us to be free of the need to have someone else fill that part of us.

It’s when we’ve finally grown past that feeling of someone else outside of ourselves having to make us feel whole – when we’re fully self realized, self accepting, and complete in our experience to rediscover that Universal love is unconditional and always within us – that those of us who have twin flames/twin souls are ready to reunite/recombine with them.

But that leads me off into Part 2… 🙂

Giving Fluidity and Acceptance a Little Weight


Yesterday, I went to the gym to attend a barbell strength training class I’ve been frequenting every Saturday for awhile now. I love the class, I love the teacher; she’s a stickler for keeping proper form to prevent injury, and she has teaching the class down to a science. Though she always drives the class to push harder and to go further, she rotates focus on different muscle group areas throughout the class, so we can rest each set of muscles and have enough strength left to do another round for those muscles later in the class. It’s a well-rounded practice… and it feels balanced to me.

Upon entering class this week, I discovered that the instructor was absent, and the instructor for the class was someone I had yet to experience. Very different demeanor, VERY different approach. Instead of the workout I expected, she worked each muscle group for an extended period… until half the class couldn’t even do the exercises any more, in desperate need of a rest.

I have to admit that about 20 minutes into the class, I was a bit irritated.

But then – through what felt like the hundredth set of lunges, with the weight of the barbell making my leg muscles scream – I had an epiphany about the situation. (I understand that often happens when the body is completely depleted of sweat and then brings on the onset of a little delirium from discomfort…  LOLLOL!)

Fluidity and acceptance.

Instead of rearing up to “battle” it – the irritation and resentment that the instructor wasn’t running the class the way I’ve come to expect – I had to take away that expectation box, do it differently, and gain from it whatever I was to gain from it, in the highest and best way. From the instructor’s perspective, she was running the class in perfect balance… focusing on each muscle group, in one rotation.  In reality, was one way right and one way wrong? No; I accepted that each approach was right… just different. Both accomplished the objective of the class, and though this approach was out of my comfort zone, I finally decided to simply accept what this instructor was doing.

I eventually made it through the class… even though there were several times when I just thought certain muscles wouldn’t work at all anymore. However, instead of getting irritated, I laughed at myself a little, took some deep breaths, zoned out into a semi-meditative state, tapped into my Higher Self, remembered to become more fluid, and pressed on.

Now, I could have decided that the primary instructor’s way is the “right” way, and this fill-in instructor’s way is the “wrong” way…and I could have walked out in the middle of class, or lost my focus on what I went there to do by getting so irritated at this different approach that I couldn’t perform the exercises in class. Instead, I became fluid… and decided to use it as a learning experience. Is it my personal preferred method? No. However, it did give me the chance to look at that class from a completely different perspective, and how to do that workout with a completely different approach. Overall, my muscles probably benefited,  as well.

In further processing all of this later on, I realized how the experience definitely provided a mirror into remembrance. I understand the importance of fluidity in our consciousness, and in doing this work, I am very mindful of walking the walk as much as I talk the talk. So, there are three very important lessons that surfaced for me:

  1. On our spiritual journey to enlightenment, each individual path is “right,” regardless of how different each is from the other;
  2. Every time we experience something new and different that is apart from what we expect, instead of rejecting it without exploration, it’s advantageous to look for what it is we can learn from it;
  3. That it is beneficial – and much more “in the flow” – to accept change with fluidity and grace, while also discovering what the change can actually provide for us as a learning experience.

These messages have been coming to me more and more… now even including something as purely physical and grounded as an intense strength training workout at the gym!

As we experience exponential changes in ourselves, in our consciousness, and in the physical world around us, it’s important to remember that the only constant is change. Change is happening, whether we fight it or not… faster and faster, as we go along during these magnificent times! So, remembering to stay conscious, fluid, and without judgment through every challenge, every change in direction, and every experience that comes our way – expected or unexpected – is the key. Because then we will find equilibrium in everything… or we’ll stop feeling like we need to have it altogether.

Remembering to Remember


From the movie The Green Lantern, by Warner Bros.

Did you ever notice that in almost any superhero movie, there’s a moment on the screen when the superhero has this “A-Ha!” moment, when they seem to be behind, losing the battle, and suddenly their mind clears, and they have a flash of inspiration that often reminds them of some simple exercise or habit that they have – something so very them – that can be incorporated into the moment, which helps them remember who it is they are, how powerful they are, and gives them the courage and strength to win the battle… with far more ease and grace than was ever anticipated?

It’s not all that far off from what we’ve set ourselves up to do.

Today’s A Cuppa C Webcast on Throwing Away the Books, Ego vs. Higher Self, and some other matters…

There are some days I truly laugh… because it’s quite the game we’ve created for ourselves. My understanding is that we created this existence so we could experience what it’s like to feel like we’re separate from Creator. I actually cover this in today’s A Cuppa C Webcast (thumbnail/link to the left here)…so I don’t bore you with the details twice, go ahead and watch (if you haven’t already), and then press on…

… Have you watched it? Good. Now, to continue… 🙂

So, some of the biggest challenges I’ve come across – both for others and for myself – is that once we come to terms with the fact that we are all powerful, that we have the Divinity within us, and that we have the ability to access it fully… is that we’ve done such an awesome job at training ourselves to forget about these abilities over thousands of years that, well, it’s still a habit and we forget about it… and not only can we change the situation, but we can put our own personal spin on it as well, from the sum of our  experiences, in the highest and best way!

That’s the biggest repeater lesson I give myself, and it’s what I’m constantly reminding others about.

Three amusing cases in point all occurred within one weekend, just a few months ago – the weekend that North Carolina was torn up by quite the collection of monster tornados, spewed off by a storm front that did quite the damage across the southern United States. Anyway, here’s what happened, case by case:

  • That Saturday morning, I was in the car with one of my teens, driving to the store. I was sitting at a light, when suddenly, that familiar “pull” made me look up into my rear view mirror… through which I could see a police officer sitting at the light right behind me. Well, I knew my registration was overdue, and hadn’t been able to get to the shop to get the car inspected… but regardless of the fact, as soon as I looked up, I knew that I was going to get pulled over. And I did; the police officer walked up to my car… and in that flash of a moment, I remembered that I could calm the situation, keep it smooth… and so I did. He and I chatted; when he told me my registration was expired, I gave him the story as to why it hadn’t gotten registered yet (and yes, it was the true story, just maybe a teensy weensy exaggerated…). He took my license and registration and went back to his car. Now, at that moment, I thought, “WAIT A MINUTE… I can CHANGE THIS!” So I did a little ThetaHealing session at the moment, spontaneously, and I saw the outcome of the situation as the officer giving me a warning and sending me on my way with a promise to get the car registered promptly. I held no judgment for myself or for the police officer; I had accepted the fact that I could very well receive a ticket (and he was back at his car for several minutes, so it looked like it was going that way). But I saw that outcome as real, and sent the officer a whole lotta love…Well, several minutes later, the officer came to the window, handed me back my license, smiled, and told me to just go and get the car registered. I thanked him and promised I would (which I did, the following week)… and went on my merry way. As we were pulling away, my daughter, sitting in the back seat, laughed, amazed, and said, “What did you do, Mom, some sort of Jedi mind trick or something?”I just laughed and said, “Something like that…”  🙂
  • The second incident that weekend was later that day. I refused to buy into the drama of the coming storms; in fact, my oldest daughter was at a friend’s house for the afternoon, and my younger daughter and I went food shopping (my husband was actually on his way home from a business trip). It was while we were in the food store that the deluge happened. We had another stop to make, and I continued on my way… but first, in the parking lot, I envisioned my house and backyard (where my dog was at the time) encased in a bubble of white light, deflective of any extreme storm activity like a tornado. I could see the bubble, it felt secure, and I could “see” the storm moving around it. Then, I “saw” the house where my older daughter was visiting, and did the same.Well, it turned out that one of the big tornados touched down less than a mile from my house, and drove right up the road toward it. Though an old house just down the road had its roof torn off, the only thing affected on my property was the well cover, which was at the well opening in the far end of our front yard – well away from the house. In fact, the thing was demolished… and it was so heavy to begin with that it took both my husband and I just to carry a piece of it into the backyard the next day. The funny thing is, when I had done that visualization, I saw my house and the backyard… and I’d completely forgotten to include the front yard! Yet the house: perfect. The dog: fine. Oh, and it turned out that the friend’s house that my older daughter was visiting was in one of the only neighborhoods in the entire town that didn’t even lose power!
  • The third incident happened the day after the storms. We had been out of power since the storms; in fact, the whole area surrounding us had some major damage, and the power company was telling us it would be 4-6 DAYS until we had our power restored – there were lines down everywhere. We had gone to a friend’s house on the other side of town to shower; the weather after the storms was completely beautiful, and we were very fortunate to be completely fine without any heat or air conditioning. I had just called the electricity company for an update… and there was no change in the estimated restoration. I was sitting out in my backyard, enjoying the day, and decided to do a meditation as I sat there. As I was “floating away,” I’d been watching some thoughts come and go about being several days without electricity, and then I  heard, “WAIT! You can CHANGE THAT!” So I did… I saw the electricity back on, I did a mini Theta session there, as I was floating off… and wouldn’t you know, not five minutes later, my oldest daughter came out on the back deck, jumping up and down, and yelling out at me, “The electricity’s back on! The electricity’s back on!”

That weekend was a complete lesson in remembering to remember… exactly how powerful we really are in creating and manifesting what’s going on around us.

So, there are some caveats I’ve discovered to the manifesting thing that I’m still working to remember at all times…

  • First and foremost, that we’re not tied to the outcome, or how it will happen, except for the highest and best with the most ease and grace for all involved (for example, in that situation with the police officer, I completely surrendered to the situation – if it happened, so be it – but I chose to envision a different outcome, even though the odds seemed to be against me at the moment… and in the meantime, just sent plain ol’ love to the police officer).
  • Secondly – and very important – egoic emotion and panic only distort the outcome; the calmer and more centered you are in the moment, the clearer the expected outcome tends to be.
  • Third – and very, very important – is that it is not to the detriment of anyone or anything else.

I find that the more I stick with these three principles – as long as I remember to remember that I can change a situation or that I can get whatever information I need in the moment to help in the highest and best way, with the most grace and ease – that the results are much clearer, and much more effective.

Now, I’ve become much better at remembering, but you know what? I still have plenty of moments when I feel like I’m being controlled by a situation, or that I can’t get the exact information or something I need – and I work in this, in helping others to remember, every single day! The most important point is for you to be assured that it’s not just me or a select few who can change or manifest a situation – it’s every single one of us!

So, maybe we all just need a little ring, like the Green Lantern (the Wonder Woman suit might be a bit conspicuous LOL), to remind us every time we’re in a pinch… that we have all the resources we need for the outcome of any situation, right inside of ourselves!


Thoughts… and Words… (and A Cuppa C)… Plus, MORE Thoughts and Words for You…


Some believe that as creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as the sound “AUM” (or, as many spell it, Ohm).

One of the Ancient Egyptian gods, Ptah, was a creator god who brought all things to being by thinking of them with his mind and saying their names with his tongue.

The most common magical incantation that has traversed through many civilizations and cultures – abracadabra – has Aramaic origins, and literally means, “I create as I speak.”

There are many, many beliefs throughout our history that cover the power of thoughts and words. In an amazing series of research studies (see The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart), quantum physicists were able to show that simple, focused thought affects the behavior of molecules around us… in essence, proving much in the field of energetic healing and creating our own reality.

This A Cuppa C, posted on Monday, June 20, 2011, talks much more about the power of thoughts and words, how it works, and how to notice and improve conscious thinking/speaking in your every day life!


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