Seeing the Glass COMPLETELY Full, and Taking From It What You Will…


Twice in the past month, when doing an “energetic share” (where a practitioner and I will swap a session with each other), I’ve had two different spiritual practitioners tell me they’ve seen lightning bolts coming out of my hands. In one session, the practitioner saw me flying a Pegasus and then actually BECOME the one flying… and I was shooting firebolts at the masses, to help them heal in a very powerful way. I was told, at first, many looked scared, because it was so unusual, so “out-of-the-ordinary,” and so powerful… but then as they realized it was HELPING them, they embraced it. For the second session, the other practitioner told me he saw me pulling energy like lightning through my body, and out of my hands, and it was very powerful and very healing.

How cool is THAT?

Not too long ago, I was gifted with remembrance of a beautiful, powerful progression and healing energy to bring forward to as many as possible (see more about Trinity Energy). How much more powerful can you get than tapping into energy of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child – the Christ Consciousness – that’s within all of us?

So, some might ask, “What makes YOU so special? Why would YOU get that energy to share?”

And my answer is, “I am the Divine; why WOULDN’T I get that energy to share?”

OF COURSE I can do that… OF COURSE I can BE that… OF COURSE I deserve that…

The point is, we ALL can.

Throughout this existence, we’ve done such an awesome job convincing ourselves that we’re not “special”… we’ve disempowered ourselves to believe that power comes from outside of us, that the Divine is outside of us, that OTHERS are far more gifted than us, far more special, that there can only be “a few” special ones… and that it’s only a very, very, very special someone who can do certain “magical” things. So, we’ve pretty much decided that the glass is half empty as a human, and that being human is being “merely human”… and we’ve created the word “imperfect” in reflection of that. Look around you: Even supposedly inspirational quotes say, “I embrace my imperfections…” or “I accept that I’m ONLY human…” and other similar wording.  So, though that fills the glass a little more – with the positive intention – it still comes up a bit short.

It’s time for us to remember that we are all part of the Oneness; and in being part of the Oneness – whatever you call it, the Divine, God, Spirit, Creator, Universal Life Force, or about a dozen other names – we are all a part of the Divine.

Here’s how I understand it, in an extremely abbreviated Cliff Notes (or Wiki) version:

The Divine – Divine, Unconditional Love – is all-encompassing, eternal, and everlasting. And, just as part of BEING, we decided we wanted to EXPERIENCE. And so, we created the illusion of separating from the Divine. In doing that, we set up the concept of the individual soul – simply a partitioned part of the Divine – to pretend that we’re NOT the Divine (although there is no real possibility of NOT being the Divine, because we just ARE).  We set up the concept of splitting up even further – into “more parts within a soul” – forming soul families – and we decided what we wanted to experience, created the Laws to rule the concept of experience and how to experience (including, among a bazillion others, the concept of the Law of Duality and the Laws of Time), and then each “partition” – each soul, regardless of what  – decided on which experiences it wanted in this existence. In doing so, we created the “packages” and forms that we would take to be able to have certain experiences… then we created a whole bunch of different ways to pretend to break apart even further – into gender, into Twins – and even more ways to package ourselves differently to have the experiences we created.

It’s absolutely the most complex, multi-dimensional, holographic game of chess EVER! Only, we all “win”… we all get all the experiences we choose!

So, in setting out on our paths to experience, to create this existence, to create this dimension, this world, and our “Universe,” we – as whatever individuals and whatever parts of individuals and parts of soul families we’re pretending to be – decided all of the “packages” we’d have to create for ourselves to have all of those experiences. This brings about the concept of multiple lifetimes… being packaged EXACTLY the way we desire so we could have EXACTLY the experiences and lessons we desire to have. If we were packaged one way, in one situation, ever, how much would we ever really learn, as Divine Beings? Very little.

And, once we’re all done with our experiences, we start to remember who we are, we remember that we’ve never left, that we’ve ALWAYS been the Divine… that we are ALWAYS all-powerful and all-love, and we come back together in consciousness, each level in itself and then all of us together as One, to compare notes, to understand the experiences… and to create a NEW existence with NEW experiences (except, oh, yeah, there really IS no time, so we’re actually sort of doing ALL of it, ever, simultaneously, from the perspective of the Divine that we are).

Pretty big, hunh?

Don’t spend too much time (LOL) thinking too much about the details here… the point to considering this is simply to maybe provide a slightly different perspective on the way we look at things. Simply put: We are ALWAYS the Divine… we have never left, we have never separated… we’ve done this perfectly, as the Divine does. EXACTLY in the bazillion ways we planned. We’re starting to flex our muscles again, to wake up and realize, “Oh, YEAH… I AM all of this; I have it ALL inside of me, all the time… and it’s all mine to be accessed!”

And when you start to see things that way, you realize… well, the glass isn’t HALF full; it’s actually BRIMMING OVER THE TOP full, all the time, always… and we CHOOSE to be who we are, what we are, to do what we do, to experience and learn lessons the way we do, to SEE things through the filter of the experiences and lessons we’ve chosen… and then, as we resolve and finalize all of that, we can remember all that we’ve forgotten… and that every single one of us – EVERY SINGLE ONE – is just another part of ourselves.

If every single one of us is a part of ourselves, and we’re all a part of the Divine – well, we’re all Divine. It’s not that none of us are special… it’s that ALL of us are special, ALL of us are perfect… because we’re “doing” this existence exactly in the way we’ve chosen, as our part of the consciousness of the Divine. But, also, the more we remember our Divinity is within, the more we can realize that we all can do ALL of it… and better yet, we can access and use it in our very unique, exquisitely beautiful ways.

And then, the realization comes that we’re ALL perfect… just the way we are. Right now, this second. We’re taking the paths we planned to take, in the way we’ve planned to take them. All of a bazillion… or so. How incredible is THAT?

You might say, “If I’m perfect, then what motivation do I have to improve myself, to change, or to change directions/paths?”

Because we built ourselves to be that way, too! That’s a huge part of the ego’s role…  to keep us moving in one way or another through our lessons; plus, it’s a huge part of the “Laws” that we’ve created as part of this “game.” Don’t get me wrong: If you want to just be, you can just be… and, if your soul is completely done with its lessons in this existence, that might be all you need to do. If not, you’ll just be back around again in another package, in a different way. Your Higher Self is all about that!

So, the next time you say, “I’m only human…” or “I’m imperfect…” just remember that you’re only seeing the glass half empty because it’s been your CHOICE in the lessons you’re learning to see it that way. But that’s really the illusion… and if you brought that glass to your lips and took a drink of the Universe… you’d absolutely realize that the glass is completely full. Not only that, but you can change what kind of liquid is in there, as well as its color, its taste… well, you get what I mean.

Now…you can just repeat after me:


In lak’ech ala k’in.  🙂


On Coming Out of the Closet (Spiritually)…


This year, I’ve finally stepped into the shoes that have been waiting for me and began to walk in them… after a long, internal struggle of having to come to terms with what started out as what I affectionately call my “Grand Awakening” in 2009. I’ve come to fully accept this, allow it, and I’m finally able to embrace myself and what I understand I came here to do. Once I realized how much it would ultimately make my heart and soul sing, I was able to stop caring about what others thought about me and about this choice, which on the surface might seem like a complete about face in my direction, and in my life.

The most interesting part in doing this has been observing the reaction of others in my life – whether the relationship was short or long term, casual or intimate – and how or whether they’ve accepted it!

Of course I’ve had some relationships fall away… I’ve had some prominent characters disappear out of my life, and others dissipate more slowly. But once I released my own fears and demons and chose to stand firm in self love, respect, and confidence, I found that many relationships mainly just shifted, along with me. The others? Well, for the time being, I understand that the relationship didn’t serve us both, and so it wasn’t necessary any more. But there are still others with whom I know do or will serve me and them in the future… even though they haven’t been in my day-to-day life for awhile. Having that understanding is truly the coolest part!

Losing the camaraderie of loved ones is also typically one of the greatest fears of many of my clients and students, who are tapping into themselves, allowing and embracing not just their empowerment but also tapping into this world of what I call the “expanded Universe”…which often means deviating from traditional belief systems that might be accepted by their family and/or friends. Mostly, the initial fear is one of “going against the flow” and being ridiculed, judged, outcast… and unloved. I understand this, and understand the root of this. Been there, done that!

However, I stand strong by a statement I heard earlier this year and seem to reiterate over and over and over: “It’s none of your business what others think of you.” What I’ve added on is also “…because what they think of you has solely to do with THEIR issues.” And that’s Truth. But because of how we operate, how we’ve evolved in a culture of having others’ opinions of us often matter more than our own – and/or allowing others telling us what’s best for us – that it’s sometimes challenging to overcome.

So, when I first “came out of the closet,” leaping fully into the spiritual and metaphysical world, I’m sure it was quite equivalent to the process of “coming out of the closet” in the commonly understood context! However, instead of the “hot topic” being my gender/sexual preference, it was instead my spirituality, “hoo-doo-voo-doo,” and “woo-woo” practices… which can easily be just as sensitive a topic, ESPECIALLY since many with whom I’ve been close over the long term have been a) very analytical and black and white, and/or b) very set in one path of traditional religious practice, typically passed down by their family.

Instead of worrying about it, I decided to simply be me.

What was pretty amusing was how those who were a little uncomfortable talking about spirituality and my latent uncovered abilities were oh-so-very-cautious in the beginning!  The best would be when someone I hadn’t seen for awhile started drilling me about what I was doing… I could just tell the first questions they would silently ponder, as they shifted a little uncomfortably:

  • “Can she read my mind?” FYI, yes, I technically can – we ALL can, with a little practice – but really have no interest in doing so and generally choose to block it out and not focus on THAT right now, until our telepathic abilities ALL open up; but more on that later…
  • “Does she really communicate with other Beings, or has she simply lost her mind?” Hmm, went through THAT question myself, back in 2009; and if I have lost my mind, well, I’m happy and (mostly) harmless, so what does it matter? 😉
  • “Is she going to start preaching or pushing her beliefs on me now?” Absolutely not; everyone’s path is their own, and what works for me and what works for you, though possibly very different, is both right, if it’s right for us individually
  • “Is she going to be all serious and pious and distant all the time now?” Another negative here! I teach others to get in touch with their Higher Selves, how to get on the path that is highest and best for them… and I LOVE to teach the fun, adventure, and excitement that can come along with that! In fact, I’m probably more laid back, adventurous, and humorous than I’ve EVER been before… because it’s ALL awesome!  🙂
  • “What hoo-doo-voo-doo is she into?All I practice is based in Oneness, love, and healing; connectedness and the natural Divine abilities we all have… so, no sacrificial virgin, first born, or household pet blood offerings… and no, I don’t dance naked in the woods… not that there’s anything wrong with that… and hmmm… maybe not so bad on a warm summer’s night…  LOL
  • “Has she really changed a lot? What will we talk about?” Well, DUH… I’m STILL ME!

 After awhile, I guess they realized just that: I’m still me… only better.

I’m far happier, more at peace, and can do some really, really neat, fun, and amazing stuff… every day’s being on the playground to me these days! I’m even more inclined to try new things (HAH… and you thought I was adventurous BEFORE? LOL), and do something completely foreign on a whim (ditto the previous statement)… However, if that neat, fun, and amazing stuff isn’t your cup of tea… that’s fine. I don’t bring anything up that I do during the “workday” unless a) I know that you’re comfortable with it, and b) you ask me to or bring it up yourself.

Not that I’m hiding my spirituality or who I am, but that’s the point: it’s simply assimilated with who I am, and there are so many things to talk about that don’t include needing to focus on that one particular part of me… 🙂

The message here is for anyone and everyone who is actively exploring a “new” spiritual path, one that is unique to them (as it should be), and not necessarily “in line” with what was “expected” of them in the past: Stand in your Truth, and follow your heart – yours and yours alone – because anyone who loves you will only be happy for you if you are truly coming from a place of love and happiness within yourself; and if they have an issue with it, it truly is THEIR issue… not yours! If a relationship falls away because of it… it didn’t serve you in the highest and best way to begin with; OR, sometimes there just needs some readjustment time… and/or the relationship will resume at a later date, when it does serve the both of you in that way.

In fact, doing this one simple thing can set you up as an example for others around you. Just think, when we all just doing that, how different this world will become!

“Mates vs. Twins,” Part 2 – Twin Flames/Twin Souls


“I feel like my soul  has just been split in half!”

In 2010, I went to a hypnotherapist* to have a past life regression, which took me back to the ancient land of Lemuria… from my current understanding, our “initiation” into this existence, and our fast drop in density. How I got to the point that I felt like I needed that regression is a story for another day… but what still rings in my memory is “that me” yelling this bizarre statement at the hypnotherapist – not even understanding what I was saying – while recalling a huge, cataclysmic explosion at the end of that lifetime. And then I cried and cried, still there, feeling like I wasn’t… right.

At the point I had gone to that regression, I knew the term twin flames/twin souls, but never knew any theory on the origin of them. It wasn’t until months later that I realized this was the point – the fall of Lemuria – when twin souls – often called twin flames – were supposedly created.

This topic has come up more and more… and I see these terms being used more and more. I’ve gotten quite extensive guidance on the topic from my Guides on it, as well, for specific purposes… so again, this is all how it is from my understanding/perspective.

Also, just an FYI: Moving forward in this post, I’m simply going to use the term twin souls… I’ve never taken much to the term “twin flames,” because it almost feels tacky, like I should hear some cheesy porno movie music playing in the background LOL!

If you pay attention, you’ll realize there are quite a few myths and stories about twin souls. They’re entrenched in our literature, movies… in fact, to my surprise, a few days ago I watched a movie that I had originally seen years ago, The Butcher’s Wife (before my awareness so drastically changed), and in that movie, they told a story about “splitaparts” that sounded very, very familiar. One of the characters told it as a fable told to her by her grandmother; another said it actually came from Plato.  After the movie, I was intrigued… Plato? Really? It really didn’t take much at the Google prompt to find more information, either. And, yep… Plato did actually have a version of this story!

So, regardless of which theory you might come across, the main idea is the same: Those of us part of the “planning committee” for this Earth existence agreed to the experience of forcibly splitting our souls in half – after we initiated the existence. The goal, from my understanding, is literally to divide and conquer; to go about, complete a set of desired experiences throughout the existence, each twin becoming whole and fulfilled in themselves, but still carrying the energy of the other at the core; and then, at the time of readiness for ascension, the twins find each other again, reunite, and eventually recombine as a part of their ascension.

So, what does this mean?

Going back to our discussion on soul mates… we chose our soul family from the beginning; we have like vibrations, attract to each other, and most likely have many lives together. Can we have intense, undying love for them? Absolutely (but remember, they can cause quite the opposite reaction, too)! In fact, as a friend of mine so often says… during this path to ascension, the true goal is to come back to pure love, meaning that we should let go of the egoic creation that we’re only allowed to love one person, and embrace the idea that we should be absolutely crazy in love with everyone around us, every day… because what is around us is a reflection of ourselves, and we should be competely crazy in love with ourselves. So beautifully said!

Back to twin souls: Though soul mates have vibrations that are very close, very resonant… twin souls have the exact same core energetic vibration…similar to identical twins, they can have very separate lives, very separate experiences, yet they will still have the “same language” and understand each other down to the very core. Often, twin souls typically won’t come together incarnate before their spiritual journey for this existence is almost complete, because the resonance is far deeper than any soul mate relationship, and can be very, very uncomfortable if both aren’t ready… and the relationship in itself can be far too distracting if there are still 3D Earth lessons to be learned. When in close enough proximity for a period of time, twin souls want to come back together in a very strong, magnetic way that is intensified even further in the 3D Earth density. Therefore, before incarnate readiness, if the twins have met up earlier in their lives, often they will find a way to push each other away, and/or some circumstances will prevail that dictate a significant physical distance, so they can be pretty far apart from each other – sometimes even on opposite sides of the world – until the “other” lessons are complete.

It’s my understanding that due this magnificent period of time just at the beginning stages here on Earth, for the first time, there are many twin souls incarnate here together. Yet, with so much romanticism out there regarding the term, what many have lost sight of is the fact that our higher selves are still scurrying around, hurriedly completing our list of desired experiences before that reunion takes place here. And, many of our Higher Selves have the final stages of completion planned together with our twin soul… but there’s still much to do beforehand!

Intense and positive soul mate relationships are often misunderstood to be twin flames/twin souls.

Etherically, there’s actually quite the difference: Our soul family has typically been with us for many lifetimes. As for the twin soul, we most likely haven’t had many lives incarnate on 3D Earth together… though I understand that often, twins come together for some of the most short-term but ENORMOUS lessons during a small number of lives before they’re actually ready to recombine. Otherwise, either they are incarnate in very separate, very far apart lives, or one becomes incarnate and the other one stays on a different plane for the time being.

Some argue that twin souls would be mirrors of the other in terms of personality and experience; others say they would be complete ying/yang. However, if we’ve completed all desired lessons, wouldn’t it make the most sense that both will be completely balanced and fulfilled within themselves? Then, the basis of the attraction to the other is simply the identical vibration calling out to the other, in perfect resonance… like coming home.

Mates vs. Twins – A Way to Look at the Play by Play (Part I – Soul Mates)


Sounds like a ball game, doesn’t it?

As we’re changing in vibration – coming around to our spiritual evolution and enlightenment – we’re completing a vast cycle of experience in this existence that we wanted to accomplish. We’re lifting the veils that we’ve allowed to provide us with the illusion of separation, on many, many levels. My understanding is that many will disappear, and a few will remain – by choice – but will be thin and translucent in many respects for the “next” version of Earth – which I affectionately call “Earth 2.0.”

In helping others with these efforts, the question often comes up about soul mates, and, occasionally (but surprisingly far less often), twin flames or twin souls. I explain it from my perspective, as I’ve been shown to understand what each is… and the topic is coming up more and more lately. So, here’s a little play by play, purely from my understanding… though I’m going to warn you that this might be a little more “far out” than I typically commit to writing! So, buckle in… put your helmets on… and enjoy the ride into the rabbit hole!

Soul Mates – Really Our Soul Family
This comes from the perspective of us being all One. We’re ALL the Divine. Every single Being in this Universe, every dimension, every level of consciousness, every particle, every bit of anti-matter, every object… everything.  Think of the Universe in terms of our human bodies – several trillion cells, all with individual consciousness of sorts making up the entire shebang. So, say we decided to pretend to break off into a subset of the Divine – the One – as different consciousness and plan this Universe and then this 3D Earth existence, including the laws and the desired experience. And then we said, “Hey… let’s break into the perception of even smaller parts – individual souls (like our body’s individual cells) – so we can really, really do all of these things, and EXPERIENCE.” So we do that… and in some way, decide to pretend to group together… by something like subsets (or, like our bodily organs). This “group”  decides on its own vibration, and wants to have this set of experiences this way… and each group does the same, and has their own vibration, their own energy that they somehow differentiate from the whole.

Voila the soul family!

So, then each soul family says, “OK, we’re signing up for THESE experiences, in this way…” And the experiential highlights of the entire existence are decided. We stay close; we agree to go through key experience after experience together, in some way, shape, or form, until all of the desired experiences are complete and we come to the apex of this existence and to the doorway of the next one. So, life after life, this soul family stays together. On Earth, it translates into those in our lives… our family, our friends, our lovers, our spouses, our neighbors, and our enemies – yes, even the ones who cause us the most pain – because those are yet more experiences and lessons. Each iterates into different forms – different people, different relationships – depending on the desired set of experiences. So, for some lives, the same two souls might be siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, parent and child… and though they might prefer one relationship over the other because of the desired experiences, there is no rule that says the relationship stays the same, life after life.

The soul family are our soul mates… every single one of them.

So, that terrible relationship you had, where your significant other was sleeping around? A parent who was abusive? The bully who picked on you incessantly through elementary school? Yep, they’re soul mates, too. They love us so much at the higher consciousness level to play out an experience that we choose to have – even though it’s via exploring a dark place within ourselves – so we can become the person we later work through it to become. Because it’s a dark place within themselves that they choose to create and explore, as well.

For example, my husband is a very close soul mate of mine – in fact, one of the core soul mates in my soul family. I’ve been shown that we’ve chosen to have many of the most intense experiences together – some that one would view as the most positive and most negative – throughout this existence, many lives. He’s been my husband, my wife, my lover, my cousin, an adversary, a child… and guess what? I love to share with others (and laugh about it, too) that we’ve killed each other. Multiple times – sometimes “by accident” and sometimes in cold blood. We’ve loved each other; we’ve loathed each other; we’ve been best friends; we’ve been worst enemies. In fact, I was shown that we were here together in our original experience – way back in Lemuria/Mu! I love him immensely, and we are very, very connected in many ways. However, we’re not twin flames/twin souls… even though it was in Lemuria/Mu when we were here together through the experience of having our soul split (which I’ll get to in the Twin Flame/Twin Soul section, in Part 2).

Since actively going through my Grand Awakening process over the past few years, I’ve explored a number of these lives; I was told at the onset in terms of my husband that this is our final iteration together; it’s important for me to remember some of them, to assimilate the main lessons from those experiences, and assimilate the person I chose to be through each of those experiences into my conscious form today. We chose to be here together at the (relative) beginning… and through a good portion of the (relative) final iteration, while we’re preparing for our next existence in “Earth 2.0.”

It’s sort of like exam time… we’re at the end of high school, taking our college entrance exams… and the goal for each of us is to assimilate the sum of our individual experiences to get to the same place, the same level of understanding. Can we really fail “the exam”? No; we can just spend a little more time assimilating our experiences… but we all get there. The beauty is the individual path that every one of us has.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s my understanding that when we get through those exams, those of us who have twin flames/twin souls will be ready to rejoin and ultimately recombine… as a doorway into the next existence. (And, you may ask, who wouldn’t have a twin? Most typically, those who have chosen a majority of their existence at a Star neighbor in another galaxy/dimension/Universe… but who decided to come to Earth for a number of iterations for some purpose they chose. Also, other souls that came into being AFTER the split; there are a number of those. Does it make any soul more important than another in the scheme of things? Absolutely not; just a different path and set of experiences, that’s all.)

So, when I see things from this perspective, and a client/potential client/friend/relative talks to me about “finding their soul mate,” I typically tell them first they already know a number of their soul mates (in fact, I very well could be one of them, in some way, shape, or form), and second – the most important part – the goal here is to remember that we are unconditionally loved, always… and that at the apex of our development, we are to realize that all love, all existence, comes from within – not without. So, in pining for a “soul mate” from the highly romanticized viewpoint that society tends to give it today, we’re realizing that there are still parts of us, parts of love, that we have yet to find within ourselves. If that’s the case – which it typically is – whatever the experience we’ve chosen to have to help us reignite that self love, such pining could potentially attract a relationship based on a very negative foundation, just as easily as one based in a positive one… whatever experience it will take to help us eventually get to that self love that allows us to be free of the need to have someone else fill that part of us.

It’s when we’ve finally grown past that feeling of someone else outside of ourselves having to make us feel whole – when we’re fully self realized, self accepting, and complete in our experience to rediscover that Universal love is unconditional and always within us – that those of us who have twin flames/twin souls are ready to reunite/recombine with them.

But that leads me off into Part 2… 🙂

Thoughts… and Words… (and A Cuppa C)… Plus, MORE Thoughts and Words for You…


Some believe that as creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as the sound “AUM” (or, as many spell it, Ohm).

One of the Ancient Egyptian gods, Ptah, was a creator god who brought all things to being by thinking of them with his mind and saying their names with his tongue.

The most common magical incantation that has traversed through many civilizations and cultures – abracadabra – has Aramaic origins, and literally means, “I create as I speak.”

There are many, many beliefs throughout our history that cover the power of thoughts and words. In an amazing series of research studies (see The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart), quantum physicists were able to show that simple, focused thought affects the behavior of molecules around us… in essence, proving much in the field of energetic healing and creating our own reality.

This A Cuppa C, posted on Monday, June 20, 2011, talks much more about the power of thoughts and words, how it works, and how to notice and improve conscious thinking/speaking in your every day life!


New Webcasts Page for “A Cuppa C”…


Since I really prefer to keep the home page for blogging, I decided to create a page dedicated to “A Cuppa C” Webcasts, which go up on YouTube twice per week. This way, you’ll have all of the Webcasts to refer to in one place; or, you can simply subscribe to my YouTube channel! I put it right into the top navigation of the site; just click on Webcasts to get there.

There is a new Webcast up for today; topics are our Inner Divinity, my story, and what’s in all of us. Moving forward, check back on Mondays and Thursdays for the new ones!  🙂

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