Spiritual Vortex Energetic Clearing and Activation Weekend! 3/24-3/26/17

  • March 24, 2017 - March 26, 2017
    6:00 pm - 2:00 pm

PilotMtn2Have you felt the pull to make some energetic/spiritual/metaphysical adjustments, but haven’t recently been able to make the space in your life to do that? Are you ready to clear the way energetically to leap into whatever the “next level” is on your spiritual path, and really activate your “ultimate you”?

Then leave the laptop and distractions behind and come along on this powerful, intimate weekend journey in the secluded Pilot’s Peak Cabin Retreat, just beyond the edge of the powerful, multi-dimensional energy vortex Pilot Mountain! There will be a high-vibrational vortex held specifically focused on energetically opening and activating what’s necessary for participants to clear the path and move forward to “what’s next” in the highest and best way. The weekend will also be imbued with guided and unguided meditation, energy work and activation/expansion exercises, outdoors and hiking time (including on Pilot Mountain, weather permitting)… and a breath (or many) of fresh air!

At the end of the weekend, participants will return to their lives in a higher vibration, with a shift in perspective and the beginning of new energetic practices and insight toward attaining “what’s next”!

Hope you can join us for this magical immersion experience! Capacity is 5 participants… so commit to yourself and sign up today! 


Retreat Dates/Times:

Friday, March 24, 2017 6pm through Sunday, March 26th, 2017 2pm


Active spiritual seeking and development, with a desire to “go beyond” where one is now, possibly break through some plateaus/barriers in one’s experience. No particular practice is required, but simply the desire to focus on such expansion in a love-, unity-, and acceptance-based environment.

Personal Investment:

Cost includes retreat workshop and lodging at the retreat cabin. Participants who can’t bring their own food will have time allowed to do some local food shopping for the weekend.

Weekend Facilitator:


Angela Coulter
Consciousness Transformation and Ascension Guide
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression
Energy Healing Facilitation and Instruction



Venue Website:

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, United States


A beautiful retreat cabin on 50 acres right beyond the edge of the amazing energy vortex of Pilot Mountain, with open views of the knob of the mountain (and others surrounding) through windows on two sides of the cabin!