Spiritual Play Workshop: Past Life Regression!

  • December 3, 2016
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

plrBack by popular demand… and if you’ve already come, OF COURSE you can join in again (if you’re so guided) and see where the next journey takes you!  🙂

Join us for an exploration of past lives. How can knowing about them help you in this life time? Why is it important to heal them? Be a part of a group past life regression in a safe, fun way to one of your previous lifetimes that is important for you to know about now. Learn more about your soul’s progression and why you’ve chosen to be here at this time. Bring a mat, pillow, and/or blanket with you, so you can be comfortable for the regression.

NOTE: For comfortable accommodations, we’re setting the ceiling for attendees at 20, so RSVP and pay ASAP to save your spot! 

Personal investment: $20 

About the Workshop Leaders 

Angela Coulter (www.SpiritualAlchemy.net) is an intuitive providing spiritual life coaching, ascension mentorship, and advanced energy healing facilitation and instruction. Her focus is helping others take the reins and the fast track to clear their path ahead through teaching them how to tap fully into their own Divinity, ultimately helping to change the viewpoint of their experience from one of separation/lack and disempowerment to that of Wholeness and full self-empowerment. She is the originator of Trinity Energy Progression (www.TrinityEnergyProgression.com), a “next level” spiritual practice and healing modality of connecting directly to the full Divine Consciousness (the Oneness) within for immediate, powerful healing and shifts in one’s life experience.

Ann McKenzie (www.Omnigirl.netserves as a guide to whole life expansion! She began studying energy healing in the 1980s; she’s now a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, Reiki Master, and an Ordained Minister.  Ann helps others learn how to live a  joy-filled life: spiritually, emotionally and physically through energy healing, meditation guidance, and a multitude of other healthy lifestyle practices. She shows others how to focus on the light within and help discover what they truly want in this life, moving forward with courage and abandon!


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