Higher Perspective for Politics, Considering Foundational Change that Serves Us


PoliticsFoundationI’ve been watching the upcoming U.S. Presidential election preliminaries with much greater interest than is typical for me, as the circus ring of politics has become so pretentious and truly  meaningless over the past few decades.

It’s time for REAL change; we’ve skated for decades now on principles, focusing on principled fights that hide the REAL underlying issues, and what has come up for change within us. This is from a much higher perspective of consciousness than U.S. politics has allowed for a very long time… if ever.

When we shift our focus to the essential remembrance that we are here to remember that we ARE always Divine, worthy, infinite, and equal in that – nothing to prove, nothing to earn, simply to EXPRESS this Divinity and worthiness – and we allow ourselves to actually attain our ultimate soul’s purpose, which will bring us the ultimate bliss and help us LIVE the natural unconditional self-love that our Divine Self actually is… then it allows us to look at all of what plays out in the 3D from a much different angle!

From this perspective, my understanding is that what’s most important is for us to have the opportunity to be the best of who we are – each and every one of us – and be adequately equipped to pursue our own heart’s passion without having to have an epic challenge in odds to overcome to do it (and thus the allowance of flow, grace, and ease). No one is more or less worthy than another – we’re all infinitely worthy, infinitely Divine. Money, position, “things” make absolutely no difference in true worth, as they’re simply part of the illusion we’ve created in the 3D.

So, if we started with that premise… we would stop trying to “fix” what’s old and outdated with Band-Aid after Band-Aid, and instead focus on the following, to rebuild the way we exist here:

1 – Readily available higher education for all (public college, like most other countries, would be fabulous), and better quality of primary education. When we bring our children up to be fully equipped to follow their passion, follow their dream… it’s important to have the tools to support and allow this to happen in an easier and more graceful manner. To me, THAT’S where it starts.

2 – A culture that promotes preventative health and the highest health of the constituent… which means the elimination of perpetuating GMOs as well as using harmful chemicals on most crops; taking focus away from fast food garbage and instead on healthier ways of life, building a better foundation for individuals… so they need LESS reactive and emergency health care; in turn, having a functional, integrative health care system that REALLY promotes prevention and THE CURE vs. putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms, and creating chronic physical system breakdown from that perpetuation.

3 – It’s time to remember that men and women are FULLY equal, and it’s time for us to acknowledge that and LIVE/ACT that way. Equal pay, equal opportunity, regardless of what they do… and that the pay is adequate to support them in a way that they can attain the basic fundamentals in life (and yes, that would include funding via taxes, too… and would be well worth it).

Men can be nurturers if they so choose, and women can be leaders, free of being judged by outdated cultural expectations of “the women’s role.”

4 – This means quite a bit of restructuring of our “work system.” I’ve recently read that there are multiple countries that are going to or have gone to a SIX-HOUR work day (vs. the 8, 10, or more hour standard), to boost productivity, because studies have been done to show that in a shorter period, people are more apt to be more focused and productive… and then they have more energy for the rest of life and what else they’d like to pursue. The companies that do this don’t allow social media in the office or stuff like that… so employees do their jobs, get done, and move on with the day.

There is the situation like Denmark, which has something like an $18/hour minimum wage… and even though something like 40% of the pay apparently goes to taxes, it goes to fund free public education, free funded child care and health care, and a pension fund. So, guess what? Yes, they might have a far smaller take home pay percentage wise… but if I were getting paid minimum wage of $18/hour – at the “bottom of the barrel” – and only bringing home $10 plus change per hour because I was getting all of that from what was taken out – then I would be getting A LOT more intrinsically as a foundation in my life than say, American workers working at $8/hour PRE-TAX, because they have to use what’s left after taxes to pay for all of those things!

There are so, so many things for us to re-structure, reconsider, and renew!

4 – Time to let go of the belief that it’s a women’s/mother’s role/responsibility to stay home with the children; it’s still generally a culturally imparted expectation that the mother is the nurturer, and that “children will suffer” without that. Actually, I don’t believe it’s “innate” for a woman to want to stay with her children all the time… it’s a choice. This limiting cycle evolved so that a woman traditionally has been brought up believing that what primarily made her worthy to society was her role as a mother and a wife. So, to “prove herself worthy,” she HAD to sacrifice herself for her children and husband… so others would think her a good mother/woman, which then validated her (from the outside) as a person. This has been a self-sustaining cycle for a LONG time… and time to break THAT cycle! That role then exacerbated the validation that men were expected to work themselves to death, give up THEIR own interests, give up nurturing their own children to that of the mother, so they could focus “bringing home the bacon”… OR, the woman who works has often STILL taken on a majority of the “home roles,” working herself to death, without time for herself and her own enjoyment because she’s burning the candle at both ends.

And thus, such roles evolved to that… so that a woman often convinces herself that “what makes her happy” is her children. Since the ’60s, these have been the first several generations that have brought about a huge change in this… and we’ve been feeling around in it for awhile. I have a NUMBER of women as clientele, in their mid-adulthood, who are at a point of depression, anger, and resentment because they allowed that expectation to be imparted on them; they gave up a career that they loved to “stay home with the kids,” and eventually became resentful of their husband and the kids (and ultimately, themselves) because of it. Now, they’re fighting with themselves because their Higher Self is telling them they came here to do MUCH MORE than that… they really WANT TO and FEEL THE NEED TO do something more… and yet they stop and limit themselves in every which way because they hold a tremendous amount of guilt and internal conflict due to all of that.

Again, in our spiritual evolution, we’re remembering that we’re worthy from the getgo… there’s NOTHING to prove, and when we really remember and live that, and feel free to do so, then we make decisions on TRULY what makes us happy, vs. what we SHOULD DO because of the need for external validation of our worth (with the implication that we have to attain worthiness, vs. that we already intrinsically have it).

When we start from the above – from the support around us to pursue what it is that TRULY makes us passionate and in love with ourselves and our lives every day, from the INSIDE, without the happiness and worthiness being dependent on others (like children, spouses, family, peers, etc.) – then we make better decisions, truly honoring ourselves, and we can naturally live in a much higher level of happiness. We stop trying to impart influence and power over others to prove externally that we’re worthy (that one is “smarter,” “more powerful,” or overall “better”), because we’re supported in all ways that allow us to know this is already so… and it’s also true for all of those around us. When we make decisions based in existing self-worth and self-love, equality, and Divine power, then it’s easier to decide and to act from what we know is highest and best for ourselves… and this is imparted on all who are around us… ESPECIALLY the children we choose to have!

BY THE WAY… this would be natural and easy population control, because the need to validate ourselves by filling the role of having children and sacrificing ourselves to be what has previously been deemed “a good parent” would be eliminated, so fewer might have children, and those who do would most likely have fewer, with the perspective that we can freely love and support ourselves AND unconditionally love others around us, without sacrificing one or the other!

In such a world, we would culturally and sociologically support that by having support for that available… high quality education, AND high quality child care available, along with true consideration of the need for familial bonding for both parents when a child is born, thus providing them BOTH with an adequate amount of time to focus on the development of the family before returning to the pursuit of their other passions (job, or whatever). If there is attainable high-quality child care available, then the mother or father wouldn’t “feel guilty” about returning, in a career that makes them happy… and they would in turn be happier, more focused, interactive, and involved/engaged parents, again in turn teaching our kids to pursue THEIR own happiness and having that natural balance in THEIR lives as they mature, as well.

It’s NOT just topically addressing a few issues… it’s NOT sliding back in time so “mothers could stay at home with their children”… it’s completely evolving our world to a NEW place that TRULY supports the individual, all as equally Divine, all as equally and infinitely worthy… with all support focused on the attainment of REAL personal happiness… following one’s passion, which ultimately translates into a vast majority of the semantics that ail us going by the wayside. As personal happiness goes up, natural acceptance of equality would be the norm, crime would go down, individual connection would go up, quality of life would go up , and life becomes far easier and far more enjoyable… because it’s time for us to ENJOY the rest of the journey!

So, instead of voting for the same ol’, same ol’… going through the motions, as collectively we go through the motions, allowing ourselves to continue to be limited and minimized, while also INCREASING hierarchy and egoic differentiation… how about instead we see things in this new light and ENGAGE with the intention of rebuilding foundations based in empowerment, for the self and all? Time for us to take off the pre-defined, limiting labels – stop limiting ourselves to have to vote one way because of ______________ (it’s the political party of which we’re a part, it’s the way our spouse, kids, or family want us to vote, it’s how we’ve always voted, etc.), stop choosing the “least of all evils,” stop thinking “someone else will take care of it,” stop letting the media and others dictate what we believe so that a small group of hierarchy-focused, power-hungry individuals continue to manipulate the circus (who act as they do and as though they’re superior to others because of a deep, often subconscious self-loathing and feeling of just the opposite, with an egoic NEED to assert their power over others). It’s time to complete this lesson of perpetuating disempowerment and lack, and instead tune in to our Higher Self, accept our full self worth, self responsibility… and remember that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for to truly shift this existence to it’s “next level”… which is to be incorporated into ALL areas of life! 

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