Transforming Death in Our Experience


During this time of awakening, it’s important for us to reconsider our feelings about “death.” So often – almost daily – I see pleas on Facebook, in email, etc. asking for everyone to pray for and/or send healing energy to someone so they will get better from _____. That (of course) IS perfect and (yes, REALLY) very helpful… however, I also see the same pleas for those who are on their last legs of a terminal illness that they have accepted as part of their path (typically things like “please pray for _____ to get better…”)

OF COURSE, EVERYTHING is curable… we can release EVERYTHING; a GREAT example of this is Anita Moorjani’s story, Dying to Be Me, where, at the verge of death via stage 4B cancer, with her organs literally shutting down while she was in a coma, she “stepped out,” remembered all of this, and instantly released/healed the causes of the cancer… and subsequently woke up completely cancer-free.

HOWEVER… during this time, many are choosing their “door” to transition out of the body as part of their journey.

Often, I’ve seen someone hang around long after they might have had otherwise had their family/friends not continually made them feel as if they had to stay longer. This happens a lot with immediate family… and this causes the one at the doorway to hesitate because they feel like they’re letting their family down, that their family won’t be able to go on without them, that they have to “be strong” and “take one for the team,” etc. The person’s ego gives them the motivation to stay because it validates their worthiness when others tell them as much… even if they are in considerable physical pain and limitation still in the body.

Yes, it’s ok to grieve/mourn, it’s ok to be sad… and it’s also ok – and important to all involved – to let them go.

The biggest resistance we have about death has only to do our own fears and beliefs about it – that we will be “separated” from our loved ones, that we/they will be judged and punished somehow, etc. As I understand it, it’s simply a time for transformation and transition, from the part of our consciousness that’s within the 3D physical to be released from it… like throwing out an old pair of jeans that don’t serve the person anymore. If they’re done with the lessons they aspired to learn in this lifetime, then it’s time for them to go (funny, my hubby and I had this conversation with my daughters one night at the dinner table… my oldest, who’s 17 – and quite the worrier – said, “Well, you talk a lot about how when someone’s done with their lessons in this life, that’s when it will be time for them to go… so, that really means that some freak accident can just happen because it’s “that time”… no matter where the person is…” We assented as that being our understanding; she thought about it and said, “So, it’s really useless to WORRY about it, because when it’s time, it’s time…” Yep, pretty much so…  )

When we start living from the perception/remembrance that we are all One, that this is all illusion anyway, that our loved ones are NEVER actually apart from us – whether they’re in the flesh or not – and the only judgment we receive is that which we hold on ourselves, and that death is simply a transition that is actually an accomplishment in itself… then it becomes far easier to accept and honor this as part of everyone’s individual journey.

In the first decade of 2000, I had an 8-year period where 9+ people in my family and friends passed away… so I’ve definitely experienced that kind of loss first hand! In multiple instances, it was saddening to see the pain, suffering, limitations, and internal battles that were going on in their physical body… of COURSE that was no way I wanted to see someone I loved! So… I verbally told those who were “holding on” in such a way that I loved them, that of course they were loved, and standing in that love, I told them it was OK for them to go, if they so chose (and I encouraged other family members to do the same)…and it was amazing how quickly and easily they passed on afterward (with a “follow-up visit” from them each time, after things had settled LOL… for THEM to express their love and gratitude for the support).

I know that it’s often challenging for the ego to let go – there’s always “an excuse” with which to persuade someone to stay – but when we believe and remember that everyone’s journey is their own, that and we simply honor them for their choices with unconditional love, regardless of the outcome… that really helps to shift the experience for the person and for all involved, from one of conflict and resistance to that of support and love to aid in their transition, if that’s what they choose to do. And, acceptance on all parties involved allows the end of their time here in that body, for this life, to be more enjoyable, graceful, and easy. 

On the Bright Side of Death and Disaster… (REALLY, There IS One!)


What a beautiful thing death can be… I don’t even call it “death” myself anymore… I simply call it “transitioning.”

“OK,” you’re saying, “Now she’s REALLY gone off the deep end…” But follow me here… be patient and read on… there’s a lot coming together on this topic right now, for all of us. And it’s important for us to look at it… and change our perspective from the traditional point of view.

Funny enough, one of my closest and most prominent guides is Archangel Ezekiel, whose primary “roles” are Death and Transformation… which I’ve learned are both simply one and the same.

In the tarot deck, the Death card is so often feared… and yet, for a vast majority of the time, its true meaning when it “comes up” is that the person is about to undergo an immediate and intense transformation in their life.

What is death, but simply transformation from the physical to the non-physical?

Have you noticed how many seem to be transitioning out of their physical body these days – both people and pets/animals? I started noticing some sort of exodus about ten years ago… when it started in my circle of family and friends. It was around then that I started “seeing dead people”… and you know what? When they came to talk to me, most of the time, they were SO peaceful, SO MUCH better and happier than they’d been in their bodies – especially typically toward the end – and part of the validation that it was actually them was that they were able to tell me clearly about certain things that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. For example, I remember going to my grandmother’s apartment a few days after she died to help my mother go through all of her things, and it was the first time I actually could SEE the person who had transitioned with my eyes open… she stayed in my peripheral vision the entire time. My mother thought I was joking about the fact that my grandmother was standing there, right over my shoulder… her presence was so strong that I could SMELL her perfume… but when we couldn’t find a very important set of keys, I simply asked her where and which ones they were, and she told me… and they were exactly where she told me they’d be.

Later on, over the past several years, those who have come to me after they passed and weren’t completely happy and at peace asked me to help them release what it was that was preventing them from getting there, so they COULD be.

If I’d ever had any doubt about life beyond the physical body, it was completely quelled when all of that started happening. After I had my “Grand Awakening,” and I started learning how to focus this openness, consciously call to whomever I needed to… my sadness about death completely dissipated. After all… it’s not like the person or pet goes away!

In general, most of us become greatly saddened when those we know and love pass on. Why is that? Often, it’s simply because the ego tells us that we’ve severed the connection, and it’s typically a pretty selfish reason, in the way that it feels like the person or pet’s death leaves a hole in our own lives. However, if we remember that how and when each one of us transitions out of our 3D physical body is really only part of our own, individual journeys – and no one else’s – that there’s ALWAYS a higher purpose for it, whether or not we understand it at the time… the perspective on death starts to change.

So, let’s zoom out into a broader perspective for a moment. We’re in a time of great change; taking the “next step” in evolution, whether you pay attention to the Mayan, Hopi, Cayce, Nostradamus, or any of a number of prophecies (funny how they all converge, in one way or the other, on this period of time); paying attention to the astronomy and physics/quantum physics (yes, scientific) community, and where we are physically in terms of the positioning within our galaxy, and how that “changes” us in itself; the Christian Bible, and many other belief systems and pieces of information. Quite “the shift”; probably the most major shift that we’ve had in many millenia… and from my personal understanding, the only time we’ve agreed to go through such an “undertaking” in physical form across the span of this entire existence. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US is a part of this grand symphony that is so amazingly, magnificently orchestrated… and it’s a unified, concerted effort. Many are needed here to help others along the way to Awakening; many have very specific parts to play… and many are helping and planning to help from the non-physical. It’s my understanding that ALL parts are crucial. This has been going on, building up in a gradual crescendo for a number of years; we’re building up to the apex – the climax – of the symphony. And so, with everything speeding up, those who have agreed to help from beyond the physical during this transitory time are finishing up what they came here to experience this time around and then just GOING. So, yes… many transitioning out, more and more as we go.

As the Earth prepares, in the equivalent of being in labor to rebirth herself, naturally we have many of what we consider oddities and natural disasters going on around the world. Many claim that we’re about to have our poles shift, which would potentially further intensify the experience. Yes, we’ve been a part of this, and in many ways have sped up the process with our contribution to “global warming” and overpopulation; the evidence we see of that is widespread, whether it’s a hole in the ozone layer… long-slumbering volcanos waking up… huge and very destructive storms of all types changing the landscape… earthquakes shifting the physicality of our planet… extreme drought beyond what’s been measured before… icecaps that have existed for thousands of years melting down to nothing and creating the need for natural readjustments via an excess of water, mudslides, and avalanches… brush fires that are typical and expected in parts of the world that have grown even more out of control than historically… and a number of other events.

If you tie all of this together from the larger perspective, you can start to see where the windows are opening up. Yes, many more people and animals will transition out of the physical… and in actuality, many of these “disasters” open up the windows for masses to depart at the same time.

Is it really all that bad?

If we are truly eternal beings, then what’s a moment… an hour… a day… a week… or even a month in terms of the entire existence? Something I find truly funny is that personally, because of some events I considered “failures” on my shoulders  in terms of “letting down humanity,” I’ve apparently orchestrated QUITE the number of painful and bizarre deaths of my own over many lifetimes. I can clearly remember a number of them; there are some where I momentarily absorbed/remembered the pain in those moments before death when recalling them. But you know what? Today, I actually find it quite humorous (as do my guides) recalling the drama I’ve played out via these deaths! Does it traumatize me when another one comes up? Nope; in fact, I’m always sort of fascinated by my own creativity! And the pain… it was simply a temporary illusion I felt I needed to transition out of the body at those times.

Today, I was guided to offer to help someone who needed to put her beloved dog to sleep. Typically, I would offer to “hold space” from home while the event was going on… but I was actually pushed to offer to go with her to the vet for the event, which I typically wouldn’t do, because of it being such a personal experience. However, I followed the guidance… and she accepted. Another friend attended, as well… based on guidance of her own. The dog was 17, almost completely blind… and really tired, yet staying on by sheer force of will. When we met at the vet’s office, I could feel the dog’s discomfort and fatigue… and confusion. Of course, he sensed what was approaching, and what I felt was the back and forth between, “What’s going on?” “I’m scared,” “I’m uncomfortable,” “I love ___,” and “I’m ready to go.” I understood that my place there was simply “hold space” and healing for the dog and his owner… and I started those efforts right away (actually, before we even got there). It didn’t take long after we went into the exam room for the dog to calm down; the tranquilizer worked a LOT faster than anticipated. We all simply sat on the floor with the dog (the vet included), and  while they “did the deed,” I just sat there in the corner and continued on.

Before the vet even pronounced that the dog’s heart had stopped beating, I suddenly “saw” the beautiful creature simply POP up out of the body, almost effortlessly, and immediately, he started bounding around the room. The feeling was of overwhelming happiness and joy… “I’m free! I feel SO good! I want to play!” Almost immediately, I could feel the dog being pulled elsewhere, but he wouldn’t leave until his master told him it was OK to go… the only confusion was why she was crying, because he FELT SO GOOD!

I waited until the vet left the room to tell her she needed to tell him it was OK to leave – which she did – and then, the other friend started saying how the dog was SO HAPPY… and described EXACTLY the same “vision” as I was having! What a beautiful experience; how much happiness and excitement the dog’s spirit was exuding!

Though I’ve been present during transition before, the biggest realization I had from this amazing, intimate experience that I was so, so fortunate to be a part of was this: If it’s time to go, it’s time to go. The BIGGEST difference we can make, what we can help with – all of us who remain here with a consciousness in the 3D physicality – is to “hold space” at the time/moments of transition to assist the soul’s/souls’ transitioning. How, you might ask? Regardless of whether or not you’re an energetic healing practitioner of any type, anyone can assist with love, light, healing intention… whatever you’re guided to do in purity, from the heart. THAT really does make a difference… regarding the grace and ease with which the soul transitions out of the body. Today, the experience was instantaneous, and the immediate JOY I felt was so tremendous!

So, as we progress, as change has become the only norm, it’s key to shift our perspectives as we shift ourselves. The biggest difference we can make – whether catastrophic events around the globe, or the death of a loved one or pet – is to allow the sadness to flow through when the situation arises, but not be consumed by it. Instead, we can focus on exuding love, gratitude, and tenderness, to the Earth as a whole during this transitory time for her, as well as holding that positive energy in the space of those who have chosen in this part of the symphony to pass into the non-physical. Once we can accept with fluidity that transitioning is part of our plan, and that it’s simply a change in form for a specific purpose – it’s easier to see that it’s simply another part of our transformation… preparing on stage and taking our places – wherever and in whatever form we’ve chosen to be!