Unpacking the Boxes of Our Perception


weareone1In my household, we’ve always been purposeful in bringing up my two children (who are now on the cusp of 19 and 17) in an inclusionary way. We’ve stayed away from describing people via DIFFERENCES, and instead focused on celebrating our SIMILARITIES. We’ve stayed away from focusing on any perception of lack – from ourselves and/or others – and instead have mostly focused on the awesome things about everyone we know.

The other day, my oldest was talking about someone she knows, and started referring to the person via what she perceives is their parents’ income bracket. This was new, and a huge surprise to me, as we have friends from all throughout the spectrum of income, and it’s pretty much never before been a topic of conversation in our household. I asked her why it mattered and how she even knew any of that beyond her own supposition, and she said, “Well, it doesn’t matter… I’ve just observed this…” Without any qualifying reason for it to have been part of discussion. And then I realized, in her young adulthood, though she has a solid foundation from our household, she of course has influence via her access to the rest of the world, via college, work, and friends… and our household is STILL a rarity.

News flash: Our culture – and our experience through this experience of duality – has created an obsession with categories – what I call “boxes” – that limit us or others, that put us in an invisible hierarchy and perceptions of superiority and/or lack based on nothing but the illusions we create! And, BIGGER news flash: It’s time to let that go!

How much money someone makes, what kind of house someone lives in, what kind of car someone drives, what kind of clothes someone wears (and where they shop), what kind of food they eat, combined with hierarchies around gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, political beliefs (by the way, typically based on all of the above), weight, hair and eye color, attractiveness, the list goes on and on… and on. We often categorize and judge someone (ourselves included) based on any or all of the above, and yet we judge it in comparison to our PERSONAL filters of judgment around each of those categories.

Why do we continue to judge ourselves and others in this way? From my perspective and understanding, our physical bodies, our physical circumstances, and everything around us is perfect for the lessons we, as individual souls, would like to complete. We write, produce, direct, and act in the play of our own device, as part of the same of the collective, bigger picture that we collectively write, product, direct, and act in.

In duality, we take pride in the “that” and “not that.” We’ve done boxes in an extraordinary way! However, it’s important to remember that when we’re done with a particular set, we throw the script away, take off the costumes, take off the “meat suits,” or whatever suit our consciousness has currently chosen… we are simply equally awesome parts of the Divine Consciousness. WE’RE ALL THAT! Then we progress to write, produce, direct, and act in yet another play for ANOTHER set of lessons.

In my practice, I see a full spectrum of income, beliefs, race, gender, lifestyles, backgrounds, you name it… I have friends across the spectrum, as well. Yet, none of that matters to me, in the least – if anything, it makes my experience all the more colorful with such a variety! What DOES matter to me the MOST is, are they unhappy or happy in their current experience? That’s all that’s my concern; underneath everything else, beyond all of the boxes, all I see is an incredible, Divine being that is also a reflection of me in some way, from some time. When I see everyone that way, how can I help but just sit in a space of love for everyone else?

My goal, in helping others, is to help them remember their happiness, how to live in bliss… whatever picture that paints for THEM. When we do that, our Divine Truth and ultimate soul’s purpose naturally comes through, regardless of what the 3D looks like to others! AND… ultimately, EVERYONE can achieve their own happiness, once they realize they’re allowed to in whatever picture THEY desire.

When we do that, we begin seeing our similarities, and honoring the color that our different journeys create. We enjoy ourselves and each other more fully, and reach out, heart to heart, in a much higher vibration, in pure connection. We share, rather than hoard; we love, rather than fear; we identify, rather than isolate.

I remember seeing somewhere one of the first astronauts who said that from outer space, the Earth is simply that… Earth. No political boundaries, no separation… just a beautiful planet, as part of this amazing solar system. Time for us to remember each other in the same way, in full acceptance as part of the magnificent, Divine Oneness that we are.


Remembering to Remember


From the movie The Green Lantern, by Warner Bros.

Did you ever notice that in almost any superhero movie, there’s a moment on the screen when the superhero has this “A-Ha!” moment, when they seem to be behind, losing the battle, and suddenly their mind clears, and they have a flash of inspiration that often reminds them of some simple exercise or habit that they have – something so very them – that can be incorporated into the moment, which helps them remember who it is they are, how powerful they are, and gives them the courage and strength to win the battle… with far more ease and grace than was ever anticipated?

It’s not all that far off from what we’ve set ourselves up to do.

Today’s A Cuppa C Webcast on Throwing Away the Books, Ego vs. Higher Self, and some other matters…

There are some days I truly laugh… because it’s quite the game we’ve created for ourselves. My understanding is that we created this existence so we could experience what it’s like to feel like we’re separate from Creator. I actually cover this in today’s A Cuppa C Webcast (thumbnail/link to the left here)…so I don’t bore you with the details twice, go ahead and watch (if you haven’t already), and then press on…

… Have you watched it? Good. Now, to continue… 🙂

So, some of the biggest challenges I’ve come across – both for others and for myself – is that once we come to terms with the fact that we are all powerful, that we have the Divinity within us, and that we have the ability to access it fully… is that we’ve done such an awesome job at training ourselves to forget about these abilities over thousands of years that, well, it’s still a habit and we forget about it… and not only can we change the situation, but we can put our own personal spin on it as well, from the sum of our  experiences, in the highest and best way!

That’s the biggest repeater lesson I give myself, and it’s what I’m constantly reminding others about.

Three amusing cases in point all occurred within one weekend, just a few months ago – the weekend that North Carolina was torn up by quite the collection of monster tornados, spewed off by a storm front that did quite the damage across the southern United States. Anyway, here’s what happened, case by case:

  • That Saturday morning, I was in the car with one of my teens, driving to the store. I was sitting at a light, when suddenly, that familiar “pull” made me look up into my rear view mirror… through which I could see a police officer sitting at the light right behind me. Well, I knew my registration was overdue, and hadn’t been able to get to the shop to get the car inspected… but regardless of the fact, as soon as I looked up, I knew that I was going to get pulled over. And I did; the police officer walked up to my car… and in that flash of a moment, I remembered that I could calm the situation, keep it smooth… and so I did. He and I chatted; when he told me my registration was expired, I gave him the story as to why it hadn’t gotten registered yet (and yes, it was the true story, just maybe a teensy weensy exaggerated…). He took my license and registration and went back to his car. Now, at that moment, I thought, “WAIT A MINUTE… I can CHANGE THIS!” So I did a little ThetaHealing session at the moment, spontaneously, and I saw the outcome of the situation as the officer giving me a warning and sending me on my way with a promise to get the car registered promptly. I held no judgment for myself or for the police officer; I had accepted the fact that I could very well receive a ticket (and he was back at his car for several minutes, so it looked like it was going that way). But I saw that outcome as real, and sent the officer a whole lotta love…Well, several minutes later, the officer came to the window, handed me back my license, smiled, and told me to just go and get the car registered. I thanked him and promised I would (which I did, the following week)… and went on my merry way. As we were pulling away, my daughter, sitting in the back seat, laughed, amazed, and said, “What did you do, Mom, some sort of Jedi mind trick or something?”I just laughed and said, “Something like that…”  🙂
  • The second incident that weekend was later that day. I refused to buy into the drama of the coming storms; in fact, my oldest daughter was at a friend’s house for the afternoon, and my younger daughter and I went food shopping (my husband was actually on his way home from a business trip). It was while we were in the food store that the deluge happened. We had another stop to make, and I continued on my way… but first, in the parking lot, I envisioned my house and backyard (where my dog was at the time) encased in a bubble of white light, deflective of any extreme storm activity like a tornado. I could see the bubble, it felt secure, and I could “see” the storm moving around it. Then, I “saw” the house where my older daughter was visiting, and did the same.Well, it turned out that one of the big tornados touched down less than a mile from my house, and drove right up the road toward it. Though an old house just down the road had its roof torn off, the only thing affected on my property was the well cover, which was at the well opening in the far end of our front yard – well away from the house. In fact, the thing was demolished… and it was so heavy to begin with that it took both my husband and I just to carry a piece of it into the backyard the next day. The funny thing is, when I had done that visualization, I saw my house and the backyard… and I’d completely forgotten to include the front yard! Yet the house: perfect. The dog: fine. Oh, and it turned out that the friend’s house that my older daughter was visiting was in one of the only neighborhoods in the entire town that didn’t even lose power!
  • The third incident happened the day after the storms. We had been out of power since the storms; in fact, the whole area surrounding us had some major damage, and the power company was telling us it would be 4-6 DAYS until we had our power restored – there were lines down everywhere. We had gone to a friend’s house on the other side of town to shower; the weather after the storms was completely beautiful, and we were very fortunate to be completely fine without any heat or air conditioning. I had just called the electricity company for an update… and there was no change in the estimated restoration. I was sitting out in my backyard, enjoying the day, and decided to do a meditation as I sat there. As I was “floating away,” I’d been watching some thoughts come and go about being several days without electricity, and then I  heard, “WAIT! You can CHANGE THAT!” So I did… I saw the electricity back on, I did a mini Theta session there, as I was floating off… and wouldn’t you know, not five minutes later, my oldest daughter came out on the back deck, jumping up and down, and yelling out at me, “The electricity’s back on! The electricity’s back on!”

That weekend was a complete lesson in remembering to remember… exactly how powerful we really are in creating and manifesting what’s going on around us.

So, there are some caveats I’ve discovered to the manifesting thing that I’m still working to remember at all times…

  • First and foremost, that we’re not tied to the outcome, or how it will happen, except for the highest and best with the most ease and grace for all involved (for example, in that situation with the police officer, I completely surrendered to the situation – if it happened, so be it – but I chose to envision a different outcome, even though the odds seemed to be against me at the moment… and in the meantime, just sent plain ol’ love to the police officer).
  • Secondly – and very important – egoic emotion and panic only distort the outcome; the calmer and more centered you are in the moment, the clearer the expected outcome tends to be.
  • Third – and very, very important – is that it is not to the detriment of anyone or anything else.

I find that the more I stick with these three principles – as long as I remember to remember that I can change a situation or that I can get whatever information I need in the moment to help in the highest and best way, with the most grace and ease – that the results are much clearer, and much more effective.

Now, I’ve become much better at remembering, but you know what? I still have plenty of moments when I feel like I’m being controlled by a situation, or that I can’t get the exact information or something I need – and I work in this, in helping others to remember, every single day! The most important point is for you to be assured that it’s not just me or a select few who can change or manifest a situation – it’s every single one of us!

So, maybe we all just need a little ring, like the Green Lantern (the Wonder Woman suit might be a bit conspicuous LOL), to remind us every time we’re in a pinch… that we have all the resources we need for the outcome of any situation, right inside of ourselves!