On Rebuilding the Earth (and Rebuilding Ourselves)


As this journey continues to progress, more and more I’m given guidance to simply just DO certain things… without having any conscious understanding of why, often until I’m smack dab in the middle of it (and the given here is that I first and foremost ALWAYS ask my Higher Self if whatever it is is for my Highest and Best good!).

Which is EXACTLY what happened on my recent trip to Kauai, in Hawaii!

Before June 2012, I’d never even known the name of the place… and it suddenly started coming up EVERYWHERE… right after my initial trip to Mount Shasta, California (for more information about THAT trip, see my post Journey Reflections from the Mountain, Mt. Shasta Tales, Part Two). Seriously… I would log on to Facebook, and something about Kauai would pop up at the top of my feed. I would be talking to someone, and they would mention Kauai. Once, my husband and I were walking through the gym parking lot after a workout, and my eyes just “randomly” rested on a bumper sticker… that said “Kauai.” And, as adept as I am at discerning such messages, I actually sort of ignored the message until it became obnoxiously apparent (the bumper sticker in the gym parking lot did it! LOL). So, in early November 2012, I went into meditation… and as soon as I closed my eyes, I was transported to… you guessed it… Kauai. I was on the water, looking at this amazing, ancient Lemurian mountainous landscape; I knew immediately where I was, even though I’d never even BEEN to Hawaii before.

This is the Lemurian landscape from within the water at Tunnels Beach, on the north shore of Kauai. It’s the EXACT vision I had in meditation in November 2012 when I finally acknowledged the message to go… and it was on this beach where I actually felt down to my cells, “Welcome home”… what a shocker when I was in the water, turned around, and saw the landscape from this perspective… and realized that this was THAT place!

I asked, “SOOOO… I guess I’m supposed to go here?” Yes.

“When?” Very distinctly: Late February, early March 2013.

I remember balking a little bit – since it was already November – and thought, “Seriously?! A little short notice, dontcha think?” (Yep, I’m a little sassy sometimes… all with Divine love and gratitude…) After a slight pause: Well, you HAVE been getting the message for 5  months now… I thought, “Touché…” I asked if I should do a class there, and understood No. Present? No… just go, and BE.

I’ve also learned that if something is really, really in my Highest and Best interest, it will all simply fall into place for me, once I agree to do it. Once I said, “OK, then… to Kauai I’ll go..”  that’s exactly what happened! Somehow, in December, information on a women’s spiritual retreat in Kauai in the second half of February just fell into my lap… and somehow, it all worked out so I could go. The resources showed themselves… everything scheduled around it.

So, I went to Kauai for ten days. Who was I to ignore guidance to go to Hawaii???  😉

There’s an entire, in-depth story around this retreat; it was amazing and awesome in ways I would have never imagined it would be if I’d tried to put expectations around it! But this post… has a very specific message from it, as part of that trip.

Kauai – An Ancient Lemurian Landscape

This was the daily view at breakfast from the rental house… rainbows and all…

You might ask, “What’s so significant about Kauai?” I asked the same question, too, early on… and with a little bit of research, I discovered there’s a LOT significant with it! Some actually call it the Garden of Eden; though the Pacific Northwest has ancient Lemurian energy about it… Kauai is even older. From my memory/understanding (now that I’ve been back there)… it holds the energy of the beginning of entry into this dimension, this density. It truly is a different world, in ways I can’t explain except to say that it’s amazing how many people have been guided to go and/or live there with no understanding about why, about how they’ll afford it, how it will come together… and I heard many stories of it just happening, whether it’s for 5 days, 5 months, 5 years… or forever. When you’re called home… you’re called home!

There were 6 of us, including the woman who was running the retreat (who incidentally, I’d met in Mt. Shasta in 2012); what a lot we were! And, even more importantly… so amazing that we all just melded together with such fluidity and ease; of course… at the etheric level, we’d agreed to get together, there, at that time, for the purpose for our visit! I cane to love every one of them; every one of them had something of myself to reflect back to me.

Amongst the flowering ginger in paradise…

Part One – My BIG Message
“There was a blind woman, a deaf woman, a woman with a recent knee replacement…”

Not the start to a joke, but a start to a part of my story. Though it didn’t faze me in the least, I noticed such an interesting mix early on… this was literally the variety of physical demographic in our small group! I immediately knew that there would be some huge message coming through to me about that.

We took a few days to get used to our mix, which was a GREAT lesson in consciousness and being completely in the moment (for example, when you’re helping to guide someone who’s 90% blind on a hiking trail – or even through a parking lot – there’s really not much opportunity to do anything BUT be in the moment!), and of accommodating all of us as one. I will say… after the adjustments for all of that, it felt easy! So I continued to wonder what the message was.

However, about the third day, I noticed I woke up with a little bit of resistance within me… with just the slightest bit of irritation. I also noticed that regardless of working out and drinking incessantly, I’d started retaining water…and I felt puffy, like I had a layer of insulation around me to keep me in. I didn’t give it any energy; I simply observed. I noticed irritation about being limited… and how I partially blamed the retention on the moderate activity in the tropical weather; I could feel this pull to just go all out, to hike the most intense trails, swim and swim in the deeper waters… whatever that would just let me escape from limitation (and feeling of limitation of the water retention, too)! I remember after working out and showering, I was getting dressed and received the message to wear something confining to my body (I ended up wearing stretch jeans and a strapping sports tank top under my shirt)… because it was important for me to STAY IN MY BODY. I shared that with the group in morning meditation/circle; I wasn’t sure why, but it seemed important.

We went through the day; that evening, we went to a nearby bed and breakfast where the owners had a crystal bowl playing event, which included some light code initiations. AS SOON AS she started playing… I completely left my body. I was outta there! I hadn’t realized how constricted I’d started feeling until *pop*… I was fully focusing in my higher dimensional self, intermingling with others in the 5th dimension… and I stayed there, happily, the ENTIRE DURATION of the event. When I came back to my body at the end, it felt like a crash landing… and that I’d slid back into a body made of lead, it felt so dense!

Again, I observed this and even journaled about it that evening.

The next morning, a HUGE realization came to me… with all of the work I’ve done in eliminating the partitions between my levels of consciousness, between different parts of me, a higher, larger form of my consciousness was simply irritated with the human body, in general. It was very, very subtle… but because I’d been removed from my element, in a completely different environment, with completely different company than was typical – and with several situations that the ego would perceive as very physically limiting – I was able to finally see it!

This is what came through: “The human body is SO limiting… so confining… so awkward, and so FRAGILE and WEAK… how can I EVER accomplish all I came here to do?” So, so, SO many beliefs came through: I’m held back by the physical body, the physical body is a hindrance, I loathe the physical body, the physical body will prevent me from attaining my soul’s purpose, we screwed up in creating the physical body, how can we accomplish what we want to do in this time and place with these fragile, weak physical bodies?… it went on and on.

I was amazed at the realization of these beliefs; I’d thought I’d removed all resistance to the body! And I had… the difference was that I’d removed resistance to MY body; however, my apparent overall perception of THE physical body – of all of us in clunky, “clay molds” – was this underlying irritation I’d never seen before.  In fact, I work with many clients on their own bodily issues time and time again! Though I had irritation at what would be perceived as physical hindrances within the group… it had never gone to irritation at the individuals; in fact, it was amazing how everyone simply pressed on, regardless, and how so many of what could be perceived as hindrances we actually strengths and great lessons for others in the group!

So, I set forth releasing all of that… resolving, healing, clearing, and releasing… and WOW; I could feel the difference immediately!

(NOTE: If you would like the clearing on releasing your version of resistance to the physical body, go to the Clearings and Downloads for You page, under “7. Releasing Resistance to the Physical Body.”)

Part Two – Rebuilding Ourselves From the Land
On the heels of this realization came the day we took a trip to Waimea Canyon, which is considered “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Our first stop was the Kalalau lookout… which is probably the most commonly seen image connected with Kauai (and the beautiful picture I was able to take there is at the top of this post… rainbow and all). It was breathtaking! As we went to leave, I heard, “Wait… stay back!” So I did… and I consciously connected in. When I closed my eyes, I was shown how this canyon is at the root of Gaia rebuilding herself, cell by cell, piece by piece, into the “New Earth.” And, I understood that all who go there – particularly this year – are there to absorb that energy… and start rebuilding ourselves, cell by cell, piece by piece, into the “new us” as a part of Earth.

Waimea Canyon, where we received our “blast” of Light Codes and just amazing energy… and where we accepted being conduits to this doorway so others can receive the same. Look at the amazing shape of the erosion… so many pyramids! The energy coming up from the Earth here was SO powerful!

Our next stop was at the overlook to the center of Waimea Canyon. As we pulled up to this area, I could feel my back start to tingle (always a precursor of good things to come!). When we walked up to this view, I was momentarily overwhelmed by the energy coming up from the depths of the canyon. What amazed me most of all was how the way the canyon has eroded into so many pyramidal shapes… SO POWERFUL! All of us were just completely encompassed in this… a blast of air up from inside the canyon brought the physical connection, and we all just sat there and meditated. I saw and felt huge columns of light coming up, saturating us with a countless number of Light Codes… I understood that the codes were to help us reprogram and rebuild ourselves, while opening a gateway to a new world and a completely new existence.

How synchronistic with the clearings I had done about the issues with the human body… because they cleared the way to accept this amazing gift without doubt or hesitation!

Ever since this event – that day at Waimea Canyon – I go back there regularly etherically, and it’s just as vivid to me as when I was physically standing there! Even though at the time of writing this blog, it’s been 3.5 weeks since being at the canyon, even just seeing the picture automatically causes my entire being to open up WIDE energetically! At night, more times than not, I’m there again… and receiving more, allowing more. I also discovered that those of us who are going there this year have volunteered to “hold the door open” to whomever is ready and willing to accept these Light Codes and this new energy to help rebuild ourselves and the world around us. I can’t tell you the innumerable amount of souls who have come to me in my sleep since that day – nightly – for help in walking through that doorway to receive this amazing energy. Just talking about it with someone else prompts the transmission of the Light Codes to begin… I can feel my crown open up wide just while typing this!

So… if you’re so inclined, and ready to REALLY progress on your journey… in reading this, you’ve most likely agreed at another level of consciousness to receive this connection and the Light Codes, remembering the pathway to this magnificent doorway and the blueprints on how to rebuild ourselves for the “New Earth.” If you want to formally accept them… you may simply close your eyes, clear your mind, consciously agree to accept… come back there with me now, to receive, and give gratitude to Gaia for this amazing gift!

More to come…  🙂

Feeling Boxed In… and Remembering the Racehorse!


When I was a child, growing up on Long Island, my mother worked in the horse racing industry, and her significant other’s family was really in the industry… they bred and trained race horses.

I’ve always loved horses… and though I’m not a gambler in the least bit, I’ve always LOVED watching a horse race. What excitement!!!

However, I will say that they’re not topmost in my attention these days… until just recently.

Several weeks back, we watched the movie “Secretariat,” which brought back my memory of why I loved those races! But I watched the movie, enjoyed it, then put it away in the movie memory storage of my mind.

(I know, you’re wondering, “How the heck does this relate to the spiritual world?” Patience, patience… I’m getting there…)

A few days after I watched that movie, my friend Linda sent me an email with a bunch of releasing that came to her for me relating to a racehorse (this is a daily occurrence back and forth for both of us – sending releasing and clearing information back and forth, that is). How odd, I thought… it’s not something I talk about in conversation – I don’t use horses in metaphors much – so I found it particularly funny that she had termed the clearing “racehorses”… especially since she had no idea that I’d just watched “Secretariat.”

I did the clearing, but I remember I felt a little perplexed as to the relevance of what was on my mind that day.

Fast forward to this week: I had HUGE upheaval in the way I saw things. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t try to here, because it really did have to do with an “argument” I had with my Guides and C (my affectionate nickname for Creator/Spirit/Source/God).  Or, I should say, sort of a spiritual crisis… where I got very, very angry with them, and “turned off the faucet” most of the way for the day (now, THAT is a funny story for a blog in itself… but for another day).

Though I kept on clearing and releasing, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get past a little bit of a funk… and it usually hit me in the morning.

So, this morning was exactly the same; I pondered on that, and through some further internal digging, I realized that all of it – even the little personal crisis I had this week – stems from the paradigm of being “shown” what is to be here on Earth on a large scale… and allowing it to unfold on its own. I’m excited for the awesome parts to begin; and I’m getting rather tired of waiting for it.

Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t continued on just WAITING; in fact, I have tried to move things forward in many parts of my life. However, it seems that the more I’ve been trying to move things forward, the more I feel like I’m banging up against a rubber wall. My whole household and my whole life feels like it’s at a standstill that I’m pushing to get out of: I’m trying to pull my husband by the hand through this exciting glimpse via the spiritual world (he nibbles, but as he terms it, I devour); I’m trying to counsel him through his dead standstill in his career at work; I’m trying to birth him out of his womblike “keep everything as it is” mode… and quite frankly, for a number of reasons, I’ve had the problems getting my non-spiritual work (I do have THAT business) done, so I’ve been stuck there, too, bouncing off the rubber wall I’m trying to circumvent and/or get past. And it seems that many people I know feel the same way, and have turned to me to help counsel them forward… which I do, and my counsel is rarely acted upon.

That in itself is all fine… but this big picture feeling – that I’m bouncing off a rubber wall, and can’t get out – makes me edgier and edgier…not just irritable; it makes me CRAZY.

And while I’ve been at this standstill, I’ve been getting in more and more information from our etheric brethren and C… more and more of the big picture. And yet, here I sit, in the rubber box.

I realized I’m getting tired because I don’t LIKE holding modes; I like moving forward. I DON’T want to be able to think that I will be doing the same thing, day in, day out, for every day, every week, every year. I love the excitement of the game, I love rollercoasters… that’s why I understand I’ve liked it here, through this existence on 3D Earth.

I was writing an email to my above-mentioned friend Linda… and before I knew it, I realized I was using the racehorse analogy! Funny, I thought… I haven’t even thought about horses much until suddenly over these past several weeks. Here’s what I wrote, barely even realizing what I was writing at the moment:

I’m like the racehorse at the starting gate. I can see the track; I’m pumped up to run, but I’m in the @#$#@ gate, just waiting for the bell to ring. And I’m getting really, really antsy, because I JUST WANT THAT @#$@ BELL TO RING AND THE GATES TO OPEN, ALREADY!!!

I stopped, my fingers paused over the keys, while I read that back to myself… and suddenly, everything started to gel together, to form a picture.

Then came that nudge… and so I just tuned in, and asked what it was I was trying to see. In C’s perfect, loving way, I saw the whole thing in a flash; here’s the translation, in the way I heard it:

This is the last stretch of wait for you; you’re in the gate, and the bell IS going to ring – at any moment, or you wouldn’t be in the gate. The race is taking you to the next existence – the trophy (for all to receive) – but it is so comparatively minute to the rest of the Earth existence that it will feel like the wind as it flies by.

The racehorse spends its whole life preparing for the race. It is fed the right foods; it is groomed a particular way; it practices and practices, exercising and running – on different kinds of tracks, in different types of weather, with different riders. The rider does the same – eats a certain way, exercises, rides different horses, learns the horse and how to merge with it. It’s all practice, so when that gate opens, the horse and the rider, as one, know EXACTLY what they need to do together to run the race. The race is merely seconds or minutes… but preparation for those seconds or minutes have taken the entire life of both… and when sitting in that gate, the horse is just raring to go, to let its body be the master of the wind as it has learned – practiced – to be, and its rider is strategizing the course, feeling the turns, considering the weather conditions, the track conditions, and many, many other considerations. This isn’t second nature – it IS their nature.

You have spent lifetimes upon lifetimes upon lifetimes – and versions of that through different planes, as well – through this existence. You have gathered such experience just for the last part of it all – the climax of the story, and opening the doorway to the next existence. You have been at the gate, remembering (after you made yourself forget) all you have done to prepare for these mere moments, the moments of the race. Yes, you love this part; you know it is worth it through every existence in which you partake, regardless of how many lifetimes, iterations, or whatever is the deciding measurement of the existence. You love the race; you are in the gate and want to utilize it all – all the preparation – for the thrill of those moments on the track, on the final stretch.

This is why you are antsy, irritable at what you perceive is your limitation – the gate – and you literally feel boxed in. You need to remember that it is because you are in that box that you are the most on edge… you know the exhilarating freedom – the run – all that you have been working for, is about to begin. You feel the anticipation in the air; the moments before the bell and before the gates open.

Instead of letting this take hold of you, you must take hold of it. You are in the final moments of remembering what you’ve done, and why you’ve done it. Instead of skipping through the gate, utilize it to the best and highest way. Make the gate – the holding period – an experience in itself. You can do that without laying down and going to sleep – without losing your focus and your drive – but while the anticipation grows and grows – just a bit more in these final moments – feel all of you. Feel your connection to it all; feel all – from your perception – that you have behind you and all that you have before you, above you and below you, inside and outside of you, as you perceive the apex of the moment it all melds together, to the moment when the gate opens through the moment when you cross the finish line – actually yet another starting line – to the next existence. And that will make the experience even that much more fuller, much more fulfilling.

What a beautiful – and perfect – picture! And it just feels right… enough so I can get my butt out of bed, go work out, and get on with my day!

Enjoy every moment, and appreciate the magnificence of it all today, every day. The bell is going to ring soon, and then the REAL fun is going to begin… and this next, awesome part is ready because of all of the preparation we have all done!  🙂