Time for the “L” Word… (Ready for REAL Progression?)


(Reposted from the Trinity Energy Progression Website, 13 June 2015)


Voldemort image from imgkid.com, giova94

Lucifer, that is. Yep… that’s right. “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,” I guess some would say (outside of the Harry Potter world, LOL)… ESPECIALLY in spiritual circles!

Did that make you squirm? It’s DEFINITELY something to look at, then…

It’s quite an interesting observation that so, so many who consider themselves “lightworkers” never, ever, EVER align or connect themselves in any way to what we’ve created as the personification of darkness. So many claim to have ALWAYS been a “lightworker,” ALWAYS helped other people, ALWAYS been a healer. in ALL of their many, many lives…  you get the idea.

Let me interject here, first, on this topic alone… because I’m calling it. Not so!

It’s actually rather limiting (and simply convenient to the judgement-based ego) to only ever want to look at the “light” side of ourselves. We did, as the Divine expressing ourselves individually, create the perception of separation. What we consider darkness is simply different levels of separation; the darker something is considered, the more based in separation the energy of it is. All of the energies of separation – also, all of the energies and emotions of the ego – are also a part of what we consider the darkness. Resistance, fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, guilt, doubt, sorrow, pain, anger/rage, shame… anything that has anything but the complete energy of Oneness is based in separation. And, the more extreme, the more “dark” we consider it. So the “darkness” and every part of those emotions/energies… are one and the same. And we’ve carried them out in every which way, whether a little or a lot.

It’s so, so easy for us to say, “I’m the embodiment of _______” – whether it’s the Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, Ascended Master St. Germain (or countless others) – and in that, we typically stop the searching for our experience. However, these are also masks behind which we hide… even the brightest, most enlightened individuals in existence. Because, by the way… it is my understanding that anything with an individual identity has an ego… and it is also my understanding that the ego was created to explore individuality and separation.

Why would we have created an entire existence of the perception of separation – the infinite, Divine beings that we are – without exploring it to all depths, all possibilities?

We’ve ALL explored, ALL of it.

Our traditional stance on “the battle of good vs. evil,” in the energy of fighting/resistance – simply creates more separation… and darkness… and simply perpetuates its existence. It’s time to remember that in the perception of separation that we created, we created the darkness, and it’s that part of ourselves (often called Shadow Work in spiritual circles) that it’s most, MOST important to look at straight on, accept… and LOVE, if we’re really ready to dissolve it once and for all.

Enter Lucifer. Or, rather, as I call him as I’ve experienced, Archangel Lucifer.

Image from TheGoldenAgeofAquarius.com

My active discovery, acceptance, and discussion of this topic – and the representation of this persona – started in a really, really unexpected way. Years ago, I was listening to a series of guided meditations that were put out by a group of lightworkers focused on helping all raise the vibration of the Earth for this “next phase.” I resonated with some of their meditations… I didn’t with some others. They had one called “The Resolution of Darkness”, and my guidance was to go through that particular one. So, I put my headphones on… and the guiding of the meditation took the participant to a cave, in which there was a burdened archangel in the darkness; one who had volunteered to take on the personification of the darkness, to be the reminder of what we have ALL created within ourselves, in creating ourselves. It’s been a huge job… and he was tired. The guided meditation went on – surprisingly, at the time – to thank Archangel Lucifer for taking on that role, and to release him of this duty, to bask in the light again.

Even more surprisingly – midway through this, I started sobbing uncontrollably. I felt this down to my very core… the gratitude, the love, and the wonderment of taking on the externalization of that which we have conveniently repressed away inside of ourselves.

What a healing that was!

Fast forward, a few years later, after I had been gifted with the remembrance of this amazing practice of Trinity Energy Progression™ – coming back to the remembrance of our Divine Self – to pass on and help with the resolution of duality, separation, and externalization of the Divine. This was well underway. I was contentedly on my way to acupuncture one morning, looking forward to my “out there” time on the table. I was sitting at a traffic light on the way to my acupuncturist’s office, when I heard the voice of my Higher Self say to me, “Call upon Archangel Lucifer, and ask to do a Trinity session with him.”

My first response to that was, “Say, WHAT?”

I listened for more… but all I heard was the repeat of the pretty solid direction from the Higher Consciousness. So, I tried it on for size – and then “put it on the shelf” as I continued on.  I tried to just let that go.

When I was on the acupuncture table, on my “way out” (trying to ignore the request), the voice came in even louder and more insistent.

And so I did.

I remember asking permission, asking if we could do such a session in Divine Consciousness. And, though I felt what for lack of a better word felt like a little hesitation, I did get acquiescence. I remember the session… and the melding… and it was the equivalent of feeling like I was literally weighed down with tons of weights underneath craggy, hard, cold rock. And yet, once we were “there,” even with the heaviness, we became one in the light… and as the light was “turned up,” it felt like an innumerable number of rivers of light started flowing through the rock, first in little veins, and then expanding throughout, even if it was still a bit heavy. The amazing part: At the end of this, when I was guided to stop, I felt a wave of gratitude, coming from and to me!

Shortly after this experience, I was guided to do the same a number of times, and each time, it became easier and easier, brighter and brighter.

At some point, I started “seeing” Archangel Lucifer in “light form” on occasion. In fact, there have been a handful of times that this persona has shown himself to me – in his light form – in the middle of a session, typically when a client if ready, willing, and able to look at and finally embrace/love even the darkest depths of themselves. He has explained in these sessions the purpose of the creation of “the darkness,” and separation – and how with that, we’ve created feelings, textures, colors (like the prism), everything we’ve loved experiencing through this existence. To me, he has also become the representation of the acceptance of the whole – the Oneness – regardless of what that looks like. ALL is within the Light; ALL is part of the Divine.

I know some of the most light-emanating individuals who have discovered in their self-focused development a very personal, historical relationship with Lucifer (from very different levels of consciousness)… and, though typically starting out as a VERY heavy realization, it has allowed them the core of some of their MOST accelerated spiritual growth!


Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel

If we look around, there are some interesting personifications of the resolution of the darkness. Not too long ago, in discussing this experience in a class I was teaching, I was provided with a reminder of the persona of Melek Ta’us (pictured here, with a name translated as the “Peacock Angel”); a prominent deity of the Yazidi pantheon. He is considered to be the redeemed/forgiven Lucifer.The story is that he cried and collected his tears for 7,000 years, and the tears were used to douse the fires of hell.

There is SO much more to share here… when you look closely throughout history, we have embedded within much of our mythology (including that within all belief systems) hints that this vital remembrance is crucial to our progresion, ascension… or whatever you want to call it. I’ll save that discussion for another day…

The point is this: As in Harry Potter… the fear of anything ebbs when we look at it and accept it straight on. Say the name out loud; remember that Archangel Lucifer is actually “He Who MUST Be Named” – accepting the whole of ourselves – as a part of our ascension, and  include just as much gratitude for this persona in the collection of those we’ve created for the whole of this experience! If there’s resistance and judgment on that… well, then you know what’s to be focused on within YOU. Because, when we begin to REALLY “walk the walk,” and TRULY live in the remembrance that we are all One, we are ALL Light and love – even the darkest parts of us and what we’ve created – we remember that we’re ALL just as connected with and a part of Lucifer as with Jeshua or any of the other personifications of pure, Divine Consciousness… and it’s time for us to remember, accept, and love that WHOLE within ourselves, so we can “game up”!


Setting Our Own Flight Path (…but letting go of where that path might take us!)

Painting commissioned to Rachael Mayo, copyright 2010

Painting commissioned to Rachael Mayo, copyright 2010

I had no idea what I was going to write about 5 minutes ago, when I felt the desire to write my first blog of 2011… so I thought, “Hmm… funny, I feel like writing a blog… these past two weeks alone have been HUGE for me, there’s just SO MUCH to write about; the question is, what’s the best topic to cover right now?”

While I was chewing on that, scanning through some ideas in my head, I brought my laptop out to my kitchen, started a new post… looked at the screen for a few moments, then thought I’d write after I went to work out.

I got halfway down the hall to my elliptical when it came to me, clear as day:

Setting resolutions are setting your path; you know a LOT about that now, don’t you?

So, I stopped short, sighed, and turned around – workout delayed until I share the entire “picture” that was handed to me between that point in the hallway and the walk back to the kitchen and my laptop.

Because, you see, it’s perfect.

By now, everyone’s heard the “You create your own reality” packaged in a zillion different ways… it’s almost become cliche. Same with “Ask and you shall receive.” Where I am right now – and now, I truly know, to the very depths – is that both of those statements are true to such a huge, huge degree that you’d really have to sit and read months of my journal to get what I’m talking about, from my perspective and experience.

But I’ll see if I can encapsulate it as beautifully here as it was done in my head a few moments ago – between my hallway and my kitchen.

2009 was when my first, true glimpse of the Universe fell open to me; I began to see and understand things that I’d never even known I should wonder about! The more I learned and reflected back on since then, the more I realize I was prepping myself for my entire life leading up to that day (which I will never forget)… and how many hints and blatant smacks on the back of my head told me what was coming. It’s really pretty funny!

As I’ve started helping others go through this, as well, almost every single person I work with at some point tells me, “Wow, I wish I could experience ______ or ______ like you do…” I smile – and sometimes even laugh – every single time someone says that to me, because my response pops out before I even think about it: “Well, hold on to your hat… you sure will be before you know it!” With the changing energies of the world around us today, I believe it’s an inevitable evolution… in a very short period of time…. but that’s a blog for another day.

More times than not, I get a shaky smile back, coupled with a disbelieving look. However, within months, I typically see that person simply blossom, and always think back to the person they were when I started talking to them.

When I set my goals for 2010, I did so with the fresh perspective I had started to gain in 2009; however, as I’m letting the potential of 2011 and the highest and best path for me gel into my consciousness, one thing comes back to me, time and time again: Wow. I’m a completely different person today, and I see the world in a completely different way than I have over the course of my entire life.

That’s as close as I can come to explaining it. You know how sometimes when you read a book or a series of books, and you get to the last chapter or the 3rd book in the series and somewhere down the line, you think, “Wow… this character has changed SO MUCH since the first book!” For example, say… um… Harry Potter? Frodo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings series of books, if you don’t know Tolkien)? That’s what I know when I look in the mirror, and inside of myself today… and this has happened within 2 years!

It’s like within this compressed time, I’ve traveled through about 3 books of worlds, realities, and journeys, and have a tremendous addition of insight and ability – especially to help others – yet, as far as I’ve already come in that period of time, I know I’m just getting ready to set off on “the big journey”… like I’m on Book 3 of a 7, 8, or 10 book series!

You know, as an aside, this really makes me laugh – I love it when I surprise myself with this kind of self-realization! I just used books as a metaphor for my journey thus far… and as far back as I remember, I have been voracious about reading and soaking in stories. Seriously; if a book gets my interest – I mean, REALLY gets my interest – I’ll tear through it in days, sometimes one day, sometimes in hours. Regardless of the very busy schedule I maintain today, if I want to get through a book, I will stay up late, get up extra early, or simply find the time to squeeze in the reading… because I just can’t wait! Take the last Harry Potter book, for example… I waited impatiently for the book to be delivered to my doorstep on the day of release (it had been pre-ordered months before), and then I checked out of everything else… and stayed up all night reading it (I finished at about 7am the next morning).

My realization a moment ago: That’s exactly how I’ve approached what I call my Grand Awakening, since 2009, along with my burgeoning abilities and experiences!


I get that popping into my head a lot these days… and it’s amazing how much I’ve realized how perfect everything really is. Everything.

Let me back up a moment as I start emoting here… I have many people look at me when I say something like what I just said, and they make a face, or give me some sort of snort, or something, and say, “Yeah, well… I’m glad it’s going well for you…” Others may say, “Well, what about __________?” (You fill in the blank – the family who has lost a child, the person who lost everything in the Haiti earthquake, the list goes on...)

So, before you do the same (if you haven’t already), I’m going to tell you this: When I say all is perfect, I’m talking about in the grand scope of things. If you look at anything through the microscope, would you be able to find what some would call issues? Difficulties? Definitely; in fact, 10 years ago, if I would have read some of what I’ve experienced at the personal level through this, the “old me” would have sighed and think, “Good GRIEF! That STINKS! How painful/How stressful/How scary…” I would bet you every last cent that had I been approached – by an angel, Genie, Guide, God/Spirit, or whom- or whatever – and told about the awesomeness that I can now see in the world and our existence, and the true magnificence of what is to come and why… BUT FIRST, to do this, I would have to take the path of all of that other personal stuff over the past decade… I would’ve said, “Why is there always a ‘BUT’ attached??” and would have needed to think about it, long and hard.

You know what? That’s only because at the time, I didn’t understand the bigger picture. It was like being in a beautiful house on the cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset… but not having any windows along the wall with the view, and being locked inside.

If I lost perspective – and that truly is the big word here – it would be easy for me to snort, roll my eyes, or make a snide comment about “Yeah, well… the good always come with bad attached…” or “Great victory comes from great pain…” or whatever. You get the point. I could go into how many things I’ve had to work through, how many days I just went numb from being overwhelmed, or how many times I went to bed and tossed and turned all night because I was upset, confused, torn, or scared by something.

There have definitely been some challenging moments – and life events that have taken place when I could’ve scratched my head, thrown in the towel, and obsessed about the answer to “Why ME?” – especially before I really started to understand why certain things happen, and in actuality, how perfectly the jigsaw puzzle pieces really do fit together. However, even with the inclusion of some of the more jarring pieces of understanding that have popped into the puzzle – including some as far back as my teens and early 20s – once everything got dusted off and placed into the picture, I could actually see how it all fits… even in the future!

Here’s the way I look at it: Do you think the butterfly complains about the time it spent as a caterpillar, or while it was in the chrysalis before it emerged? Do you think it complains about  not being able to find enough food, always being hungry, not having those beautiful wings, maybe even feeling like the awkward, ugly duckling before it became such a vision of beauty? Just imagine: “Good grief, I couldn’t stand myself… some of my friends and family got killed… I was always hungry… then I was so cramped… I couldn’t see anything… I got all itchy… I missed my friends and family… I got so hungry…  :::sigh::: It stinks to be me…”

I doubt it!

At the end of 2009, one of my New Year’s resolutions going into 2010 was To conquer a fear that REALLY scares me. At the time, I remember being hard-pressed to think of any fear I really had… because I’ve always loved “living outside of my box.”

You know what? I spent quite a bit of time thinking about it. Do you know the only thing I could think of at the time? Rope bridges. Seriously! I love heights; I feel exhilarated standing at the top of a mountain or cliff; love the challenge of many, many things… and the only thing I could think of that absolutely paralyzed me was standing on a rope bridge. For some reason, it terrified me.

I remember talking with a friend of mine on the phone when I decided on that. She’s scared of heights, period – I told her to come along with me, learn to enjoy the view, and I would walk back and forth over that rope bridge a hundred times, if I had to, until it became second nature. She told me, “Sure… I’ll just get my hands on 2 or 3 Xanax… maybe a beer…” (I told her, “Oh yeah… that’s a good combination with heights, huh?” LOL)

You know, until this morning, I hadn’t thought about that for quite awhile.

You know what? I did it, though… proverbially. I didn’t get to the mountain out in Western NC where I wanted to do this exercise, but I sure have found many, many deep-rooted fears, resentments, rejections, and regrets that I didn’t even know I had buried… and tromped all over them, until they became “Nuthin’ but a thang…” I can’t tell you how freeing that has been – even though I didn’t even know they were there!

Oh… and by the way… along the line of my journey since, how perfect that one of the many past life experiences that have popped up – almost completely randomly, at a fun, group past life regression party with friends – was a life as a boy in the Swiss Alps, when – at 16 years of age, on a mountaineering expedition with my father of that lifetime, I fell right through a rope bridge (playing around on it) to my death. Take THAT as you will, whatever you believe…  but I’ve come to terms with it, released it, and though I haven’t had the opportunity, I am completely confident that when I do make it to a physical, tried-and-true rope bridge (and I will do that soon, I’m sure), I’ll be able to cross it without fear, and without panic.

So many lessons learned.

As we embark on this magnificent journey into 2011 and beyond, we must STRETCH ourselves beyond all limits to move outside of our comfort zone… because NOW is the time to do so!

And because I know you’re wondering, I’m going to share… here’s MY resolution for 2011:

I’m setting sights on the horizon for the next exciting leg of my journey; I’ve learned the fundamentals, the theory, the technicalities, and the map-reading, and I’ve learned how to take in the magnificent view; so now I’m going to trust that I will find the highest, best path that will take me to even newer, more magnificent heights… and with perfect grace and ease, I’m going to fly!

But first things first… my elliptical calls to me…