Having Some Tough Moments? Hours? Days? How to Shift from that…


ThisMomentWe’re going through a lot of deep, deep releasing of that which doesn’t serve us right now, both collectively and individually. We’re letting go of what’s left of the “old 3D” and the “old way of doing things”… which, in many cases, is causing what the ego perceives as a LOT of upheaval in day-to-day life, whether it’s losing a job or a home, releasing old relationships, manifesting a chronic or potentially terminal illness… forcing us to look dead on at whatever’s left to release… to open the door for change and higher vibration living to come.

And it’s accelerating, so we can get to the “even better stuff”!

The way we experience this shifting and crumbling away of all of this old facade is completely up to us as individuals. We can try to hold on, white-knuckled, because we’re afraid of change and the unknown… or we can let go, transcend the “crumbling,” and allow ourselves to flow with it, thus embracing the next steps of this adventure.

I know, it sounds simple! And yet, for many, there’s a lot of fear and kicking and screaming, with white-knuckled holding on, even as it all melts away. Even those of us who are more adept at staying in the flow have moments of being overwhelmed when we allow ourselves to get caught up in it… and have the moments of trying hold on, with feelings of, “Can I really do this? Can WE REALLY do this?”

My guidance, in those moments, is to simply re-center myself, close my eyes, take a deep breath, feel the Divine light coming through from my heart, spread it out through my body and beyond… and remember PRESENCE. In those moments, I also say to myself, “There is ONLY this moment… and in THIS moment, I choose Love.”

Sometimes I have to say it several times until I feel it “kick in”… and it ALWAYS helps! The importance, in the most ego-based, resistance-based moments, is to be observant of such, and transcend beyond what the 3D looks like… going back to our NATURAL state of Oneness and Love. Whether we need to do it one day at a time… one hour at a time… or one moment at a time… it’s re-training ourselves to remember the illusion is just that… illusion, all for the purpose of the greater lesson we set out for ourselves.

As always… please share, below and with others who may need this; we’re all here together! 

Much, much love to you,

Transforming Death in Our Experience


During this time of awakening, it’s important for us to reconsider our feelings about “death.” So often – almost daily – I see pleas on Facebook, in email, etc. asking for everyone to pray for and/or send healing energy to someone so they will get better from _____. That (of course) IS perfect and (yes, REALLY) very helpful… however, I also see the same pleas for those who are on their last legs of a terminal illness that they have accepted as part of their path (typically things like “please pray for _____ to get better…”)

OF COURSE, EVERYTHING is curable… we can release EVERYTHING; a GREAT example of this is Anita Moorjani’s story, Dying to Be Me, where, at the verge of death via stage 4B cancer, with her organs literally shutting down while she was in a coma, she “stepped out,” remembered all of this, and instantly released/healed the causes of the cancer… and subsequently woke up completely cancer-free.

HOWEVER… during this time, many are choosing their “door” to transition out of the body as part of their journey.

Often, I’ve seen someone hang around long after they might have had otherwise had their family/friends not continually made them feel as if they had to stay longer. This happens a lot with immediate family… and this causes the one at the doorway to hesitate because they feel like they’re letting their family down, that their family won’t be able to go on without them, that they have to “be strong” and “take one for the team,” etc. The person’s ego gives them the motivation to stay because it validates their worthiness when others tell them as much… even if they are in considerable physical pain and limitation still in the body.

Yes, it’s ok to grieve/mourn, it’s ok to be sad… and it’s also ok – and important to all involved – to let them go.

The biggest resistance we have about death has only to do our own fears and beliefs about it – that we will be “separated” from our loved ones, that we/they will be judged and punished somehow, etc. As I understand it, it’s simply a time for transformation and transition, from the part of our consciousness that’s within the 3D physical to be released from it… like throwing out an old pair of jeans that don’t serve the person anymore. If they’re done with the lessons they aspired to learn in this lifetime, then it’s time for them to go (funny, my hubby and I had this conversation with my daughters one night at the dinner table… my oldest, who’s 17 – and quite the worrier – said, “Well, you talk a lot about how when someone’s done with their lessons in this life, that’s when it will be time for them to go… so, that really means that some freak accident can just happen because it’s “that time”… no matter where the person is…” We assented as that being our understanding; she thought about it and said, “So, it’s really useless to WORRY about it, because when it’s time, it’s time…” Yep, pretty much so…  )

When we start living from the perception/remembrance that we are all One, that this is all illusion anyway, that our loved ones are NEVER actually apart from us – whether they’re in the flesh or not – and the only judgment we receive is that which we hold on ourselves, and that death is simply a transition that is actually an accomplishment in itself… then it becomes far easier to accept and honor this as part of everyone’s individual journey.

In the first decade of 2000, I had an 8-year period where 9+ people in my family and friends passed away… so I’ve definitely experienced that kind of loss first hand! In multiple instances, it was saddening to see the pain, suffering, limitations, and internal battles that were going on in their physical body… of COURSE that was no way I wanted to see someone I loved! So… I verbally told those who were “holding on” in such a way that I loved them, that of course they were loved, and standing in that love, I told them it was OK for them to go, if they so chose (and I encouraged other family members to do the same)…and it was amazing how quickly and easily they passed on afterward (with a “follow-up visit” from them each time, after things had settled LOL… for THEM to express their love and gratitude for the support).

I know that it’s often challenging for the ego to let go – there’s always “an excuse” with which to persuade someone to stay – but when we believe and remember that everyone’s journey is their own, that and we simply honor them for their choices with unconditional love, regardless of the outcome… that really helps to shift the experience for the person and for all involved, from one of conflict and resistance to that of support and love to aid in their transition, if that’s what they choose to do. And, acceptance on all parties involved allows the end of their time here in that body, for this life, to be more enjoyable, graceful, and easy. 

When Surreal Becomes “New Real” (NM Road Trip Revelations II)


Since my return from my road trip early last month, I’ve had many people ask me, “So, what would you say are the two or three biggest takeaways from your road trip and retreat in New Mexico?”

My answer: “Only two or three?!”


Well, in order of magnitude, I would say my post from 5/12/11, Reminiscent of Close Encounters (NM Road Trip Revelations I) covered the top takeaway – it still feels so overwhelmingly huge when I think about how many people I met there from around the world have been having the same experiences, getting the same “messages” as I’ve been getting, especially since 2009… and though we all had such a broad mix of backgrounds – from corporate professionals, engineers, math teachers, and the like across the spectrum to those who have been doing body and energy work for years –  with just as a broad a mix of timelines, it seems that everything is starting to come together… and we’re all getting to the same place.

That actually seeps right into what I would term “Takeaway #2″… and I’m still a bit more hesitant to talk about it; it’s a little more challenging to explain without going into some really far out stuff…

There are whole stories I’ve “seen” and journaled with fervor, including future occurrences and future existences. In fact, these “visions” have been gifted to me with such clarity, such vividness – and such detail, in some respects – that I’ve repeatedly told the few close enough to me with whom I’ve divulged some of these stories that either my subconscious is so brilliantly putting together the most creative, complex, yet beautiful story I’ve known (putting J.K. Rowling to shame), or there has to be some credence behind them and from where they’re coming.

So, even though I felt like I believed what I saw and what I experienced… there were still many holes, and I think there was still a part of me that questioned. I could see a Before and After – some days, some pretty far forward After – and it is some phenomenal stuff. However, what prevented me from sharing much of it was that I didn’t understand the transition and how we could possibly get there in so relatively short a period of time. It was surreal.

When I sat in that 2-day retreat with Kiesha Crowther (aka Little Grandmother), I just listened to what she had to say for 2 days with an open mind. On the second day, she went into the “further out” topics that they tend not to post on videos online. I can’t even explain what happened, except that I guess I must have simply been soaking it all in like a sponge, saving it all to process for the road afterwards. Because that’s what happened, that evening, on the 2-hour ride to my cousin’s house outside of Taos.

I remember how edgy I felt when I left… in a good way. Like I was on the brink of something… but I had no idea that as soon as I started driving, I would almost hear an audible “click, click, click, click, click, click…” of all of those disparate visions I’d been having, as they connected together into a much more complete story.

If I was ever going to spontaneously combust, it would’ve been that evening!

Here’s what was so huge, so absolutely tremendous: That all of that discussion – the more “woo-woo” stuff she had talked about – perfectly filled in all of the blanks to connect the dots between the pieces and parts that I had already seen from my perspective.

Deep down, I think there was a piece of me that started jumping up and down and yelling, “OMG! OMG! I’m REALLY sane [OK, mostly… LOL]… or there are many others that are part of my psychosis! It all makes sense!”

Soooo… now I know what you’re going to ask: “Exactly WHAT is it we’re talking about here?”

Well, you know, THAT will take a lot of typing… so I’ll just give you something to give you an idea of what I mean without having to provide all the details:

When, at 40, I realized that much of my emotional upheaval when I was a child – and subsequently, the purpose of me purposely shutting out emotional connection (the other extreme) came from overtly empathic causes – I started working to unbind all of that which I had bound for all of those years, and I finally accepted connection with others as part of my reality.

When I was in my early 20s, and started getting periodic prophetic dreams… once I started understanding when I’d had one of those dreams and I began to understand and decipher them, I stopped calling them surreal and just accepted them as part of my reality.

When I was in my early 30s, and started having “visits” from those who had passed over… once I started understanding when that was happening (or had happened in a dream), I stopped calling the experiences surreal and just accepted them as part of my reality.

When I started having visits with the expanded Universe of Beings, including spirits, ascended masters, angels, archangels, and other Beings… I learned the Highest and Best way to commune with them, allowed them to help me to “remember,” then watched as short-term events I was “shown” come to pass…. and I stopped calling the experiences surreal and accepted all of that as part of my reality.

When I started working with herbs and plants and felt their rhythm and how they assimilate so easily with us, then found I could connect in easily with all the creatures in the natural world… and that in their own way, they would provide messages to me, always at the right time and place… I stopped considering that surreal and accepted it as part of my reality.

When I was a child – pretty early on, maybe about 5 or 6 – I remember being sent to Bible study class when my father took my sister and me to church, and I remember thinking to myself – but never saying out loud, for fear of some retribution (after all, I was a mere child) – and being ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that in actuality, Jesus had come to show everyone that we ALL could do what he did, and that we could do ALL of it… including the facilitation of healing with our hands. At 40, that memory came back to me when I learned my first energy healing modality – Reiki – and felt that awesome, golden, powerful energy flow through my body and out through my hands… and I knew the recipient felt it too, I realized that it felt completely natural… hands-on healing facilitation. And I stopped considering that surreal and accepted all of that as part of my reality.

I could also tell you about many instances of instant manifestation that keep occurring more and more… and now that they occur more and more, I no longer consider the experiences as surreal, but accept them as part of my reality.

So what do I mean by this, and how is it relevant to the topic?

Well, if you break down the word surreal – specifically as 2 parts, it literally means to be above or beyond real. When does that happen? When new experiences enter our consciousness – things we have never experienced before, that are completely new. However, once they become commonplace, our perspectives shift (shift happens! LOL), and they become our reality.

I now expect that I am always able to automatically connect heart-to-heart with others; that I can almost immediately see projected timelines or the cause of an issue; I expect to feel the Universal energy connecting through me when utilizing various healing modalities; I am confident that I can help others facilitate healing – all healing – within themselves with simply the direction of energy and love; I love communing and communicating with nature and Light Beings of all kinds, across the board – the more varied, the better – to better understand what my eyes don’t always see… so it has all become an expected part of my reality.

Taking all of those phenomenal pieces into consideration, I’ll tell you that what I’ve “seen” – all that connected together for me via my trip to New Mexico – right now, in this moment, still seems surreal to me (so you know it’s a BIT out of the ordinary!). There are some huge, exciting changes to our existence that are starting to happen right now, and even more yet that are coming our way in the very near future. Much that has been hidden will soon become uncovered; much that has previously caused trepidation and fear will soon be understood, and then joyously accepted.

How do I know? Well… I’m considering the track record thus far, and would say the odds are pretty solid. I’d also say that once I sat and sponged in all of the “missing links” that were as surreal to me as the information I had received myself… well, that was the validation I needed.

What fun!

But you want details, you say? What fun is THAT? Dig deep down; do the work yourself… and you’ll realize that you know, too. Because this is for all of us; more and more things that have been surreal are now becoming more and more commonplace… and will soon be the new real, period.  🙂