I hate to say it, but it’s time for us to STOP blowing bubbles!


I love bubbles. I loved when my kids were little, and I had an excuse to buy the bottles to blow the bubbles all over the place… to try to connect them together, make weird shapes, watch them gently float off in the breeze…

And that’s OK. However, there are bubbles we need to stop blowing.

Regardless of what you personally believe – even those who are still living completely in fear and anger, and deny their gift of the heart – cannot deny that our world has sped up significantly over the past year. Years seem like weeks, weeks seem like days, days like hours…. It’s what’s happening with our Consciousness, and our existence.

Shift happens. (LOL… I love that t-shirt!)

As more and more of us wake up to ourselves – to our True selves – and feel our way around in Remembering our connection to the larger Universe and to the many spectacular Beings in it, the first thing (or at least one of the first things) someone is typically told is, “Make sure you set up PROTECTION before you do anything!”

The idea is this: As you do (re-)connect with the many, many other levels of consciousness besides the 3D Earth realm, you will encounter those with varying vibrational levels. Some are much, much higher, clearer, and closer to the pure Light of  Creator/God/Spirit/Source – whatever is comfortable to you in terminology, and some are much, much more separate and prefer the darkness and negativity (what people call “Dark Spirits,” waywards, or just different…).

When I really started my conscious daily work in this expanded world, I will have to say I had a few interesting experiences with some entities of what many would consider the “darker” type of energy attaching themselves to me. It happens easily – it actually happened to me in a New York City subway station last summer (go ahead, joke away about the NYC subways…), when I had taken my kids for a sightseeing romp while visiting family out on Long Island! The truth is, many people who don’t even peer into our expanded Universe at all have that going on and don’t even realize it. An attached entity acts as an “energetic parasite” in one form or another, because it will feed on your personal energy in whichever way it desires (which is the purpose for it to attach to begin with); it can cause headaches, sudden sickness, or even mood swings and a change in attitude. However, if you’re aware of it, it’s actually fairly simple to get them to detach, if you know how to do it (for a quick remedy on clearing negative energies and entities, see the Spiritual Detox link under Meditation Resources on the Meditation page on this site).

So, back to the point: One of the first things everyone learns in the world of meditation and/or what many call the world of the metaphysical is how to “use protection”… think of an aura-sized balloon around you filled with Light.

However, the more I would think about this, the more I thought it didn’t feel right to me. Did I believe that I should retain my “personal space” ? Absolutely. But I would think, “Doesn’t putting a protective bubble around me make me more separate, when the quest is to remember our connection as One?”

It felt paradoxical.

So, I thought about how to best attain both goals: To retain connection, yet at the same retain my individual personal space without providing open opportunity for any energy or entity to attach to me and become parasitic.

So, this is how I started: I would start in the way that the “bubble exercise” starts: Get grounded, centered, cleansed; then focus on the pure, white Light of Creator that is within me, emanating from my heart, and feel the solidity and strength of that beautiful Light. Then I would start to push it out, throughout my physical body, then to my auric body, and beyond that. And then I would incorporate the Violet Flame, edging all of the cells, all of the Light. The key: That any Being would be welcome to enter the space of my Light – with the Light of Creator – but in doing so, would either need to match my Light, or via the Violet Flame throughout , be transformed into Light by entering into the space… thus negating any need for it to attach itself to me in a parasitic way.

That felt much better to my thinking, because now I’m emanating my individual Divinity outward, and helping to raise the vibration of any other energy, entity, or consciousness that enters “my space.” And I’m glad to welcome them in, and to connect… but without my having to sacrifice my Light in the process.

Later on, when I took ThetaHealing (see my Training page), my instructor and very good friend Linda actually talked about that in almost the same way… with the addition of setting the intention and using the word IMPERVIOUS to lower vibrations. To me, that simply puts the icing on the cake… by further strengthening my auric field! See a meditative example and an audio recording I made for any who would like to try, below in the Post-Script section!

So, instead of blowing bubbles… it’s time for us to simply emanate our energy outward, and invite others to match our vibration when they share our space… and then it’s their choice as to whether or not they go on their own merry way.

*      *      *


A sample of the following meditation, on audio and with Theta wave entrainment (I recorded it myself), to assist in the most productive meditation possible!

Day Time Startup Meditation (audio, mp3 file)

Here’s my personal example on how I run through it… and I have it set permanently, but I like the rote of doing it every morning, when I set my day… it’s just a nice touch for me. Everyone has their preferred method, so you can take what you’d like from this and just incorporate it into your meditative practice… or just the way you start your day:

  • I quiet the mind, clear my thoughts, and center myself, while regulating my breathing.
  • Next, I focus my attention on my heart, and see/feel my White Light of Divinity bursting forth through my heart chakra.
  • I breathe into My Light, and feel it expand, wider and taller, until I can see that light through and surrounding my entire body.
  • Next, I focus on a ball of Light from my heart chakra – a piece of the whole that contains my consciousness – and shoot it down my spine, out of my root chakra, and all the way down to the core of the Earth, with an IMPERVIOUS tendril of my Light still attached to my body.
  • At the core of the Earth, I find a huge, glowing, spectacularly beautiful red crystal that is her heart; I connect with it and share my love and thanks to the organism of Earth that I’m a part of; then I wrap my tendril around her heart to ground me and keep me connected to her at all times, while I
  • Shoot back up, through the Earth, up into my base chakra. I work my way up the chakra line of my body with my ball of Light, stopping at each chakra point to cleanse and purify it of any dunginess or clogging that may be preventing complete balance and opening. Most people start with the base chakra (considered the 1st), but I actually start at the sublevel chakra, at the ground level. I feel my ball of Light there, I send through a burst to cleanse it of dirt or clogging, see the chakra wheel start to spin, then move to the next one, upwards.

Image Copyright Alex Grey, http://www.alexgrey.com

  • I continue doing this until the third eye chakra, where I briefly pause to fill my head with my ball of Light, to cleanse more than just the third eye; I fill up my entire brain cavity with the light and give all the neurotransmitters what I consider a “jump” – and commanding them to full function and capacity. I envision ALL pathways connected between the left and right brain, all four sections of the brain, and I especially focus that ALL areas are active, working at 100% capacity… and that they will continue working, securing, and expanding such connections continuously and indefinitely.
  • Next, I move my Light ball up to the crown chakra, and then up through the super-crown chakras, until about the 12th… and then I start shooting and expanding my consciousness through each of what ThetaHealing calls the “Planes of Existence” – the goals being to get to the 7th plane of existence, which is consciousness as part of Creator… or cognitively what we call Theta state (see my note about Theta state, below). You know you’re in Theta state, the 7th plane, or whatever when you feel nothing but peace and clarity. I know I’m there when I get that feeling, but I also feel as if I’ve circled back around, and feel consciousness expanding into everything around me while simultaneously being in the smallest particle, in the smallest spaces in between each particle within me.Some people do this visualization in a line shooting straight up from the top of the head, but I do it in outward expanding concentric circles, until my consciousness incorporates the entire Universe.
  • Once in Theta state, I simply set my intentions for the day (and enjoy floating for a few moments)… The related intention here is something along the following: “Creator, it is commanded that Creator’s Light saturates every cell and in between every cell of my Being, at all levels, all lifetimes, all languages, and all auric layers… rendering my full Being impervious to attachment and depletion by any entities and energies that are of any other intention than my Divine Highest and Best Good. I also call upon the Violet Flame to edge such Light and all cells, allowing any Being to share my space, but in doing so, transforming that Being’s energy to that of Creator’s Light, as well. Thank you… it is done, it is done, it is done… and so it is.”

Then I set my intentions for the day, and carry on!

A moment about Theta state: There have been numerous studies that have shown that when the brain is in Theta state, it’s where we can consciously control healing, and where manifestation and miraculous discoveries, comprehension, and just about anything can happen with simply intention. This is a great place for meditation, because it connects the nonphysical with physical worlds.

1st Contact: Autotyping (FORGET Autowriting!) and “Meeting” a New… Friend?


So, I started my regular meditation again. As is usual for me, I looked into all kinds of it, and was still looking for some insight on what was going on. I was seeing some interesting stuff in my meditations, too (more on that later).

My client – who has since become a good friend – told me I should try autowriting or autotyping, to start “a conversation” with my “spirit guides.”

It felt a bit surreal to me. Autowriting? Are you kidding me? I’d seen it on TV, and always wondered how real it could be… and thought it a bit bizarre. It was always a little creepy to me, too, because it seemed that whenever I saw it shown, it was shown on some scratchy old film or with an air of the mysterious and ghostly. Like the pen would write of its own accord? Really?

So, when this was first brought up – and it turned out that several others I found online suggested it, too – I guess you could say I was a bit, um, skeptical, hesitant, doubtful… and a little nervous about it. Here’s why: When I was in my mid- to late-teen years, a few friends of mine and I played around a little bit with a Ouija board – yep, run-of-the-mill Ouija board, by Hasbro, maybe even from Toys R Us (I’m not kidding… you can get them there!). Anyway, we had no problem with it… what fun! Something a little creepy! Plus, since I was always a bit of a skeptic, I wanted to see if they really worked; surely you’d feel if someone else were pushing on it, wouldn’t you?

Well, we started using it, and it was odd… the hand piece didn’t feel pushed (after a couple of tries), and it did provide some information we might not otherwise have had. Anyway, it wasn’t long before any time we sat down to play with it (which was the typical sleepover entertainment), the hand piece would almost be flying over the board, anxious to spell out words for us. Really! One time, it told us it was the spirit of some boy who had just gotten hit by a car a few states away, and it gave us all the information about the accident – including the boy’s name. It gave us some message, too, but I can’t remember what it was. We actually checked it out over the next week (via the library – this was way before the Internet)… and the accident had actually happened in exactly the same way the boy had described, on the day we did the Ouija board… and the name and place were dead on (no pun intended). I have to say, we were a little creeped out!

We had a couple more goes at it, but soon stopped using it altogether, because we found that the messages became increasingly belligerent. So that was that.

So, you see what I’m saying here, about being hesitant about the autowriting thing? I was skeptical… but I think I was just as wary of it actually working!

However, the information just came to me, via article, Internet research, someone telling me – I’m not quite sure – but it was also something covered with me when talking about meditation – the basics:

  • Always protect yourself with The White Light (here’s a great article with the basics about it);
  • Always set a specific intention in the beginning of the meditation (such as “My intention is to communicate directly with my spirit guide via autowriting/autotyping about….”)
  • When directly communicating with the other dimensions and other realms, make sure to be very specific about the “level” of entity with whom you wish to speak, along the lines of “My intention is to communicate directly with my spirit guide of the highest level of light possible, who would only have the intention of communicating with me for my highest good, via autowriting/autotyping about….”

Why is all of this ceremony important? Well, let’s see – even scientists have proven the existence of multiple dimensions. When you go into meditation, you expand your awareness, quite possibly expanding the ability to communicate more freely with other dimensions. The way I look at it is, if you count the spirit world/afterlife as a dimension, as well as dimensions with other, more advanced forms of life that might not quite have your best interests at heart, well… you’re probably not going to connect to your target entity! Apparently (so I found out), this is an unwaverable law of the Universe, and if you specifically state these type of intentions, then they cannot be disobeyed or misrepresented. Here’s another one I’ve learned: If you don’t want to communicate with an entity, and you tell it to go away, it will do so. Period. So, does that take the fear and anxiety out of trying this out for you? It did for me. I thought, “What’s the worst that can happen – nothing?”

SO…. After researching quite a bit and finding new online communities and friends “in the know” on this stuff, I decided to try it early one morning during meditation. I figured I’d go with the writing thing first and see if that did anything; if not, I’d try autotyping, which to me just seemed easier and more efficient!

Early one morning, I started my meditation with a pen and pad, did everything I was supposed to do, kept my eyes closed, purposely turned off the brain, stayed far off, and this is what I got:

A bunch of scribble.

Now, to be fair, I should really preface that with a few things:

  1. My hand did actually sort of take off. OK, sorta weird, right? I felt a little bit like Thing from the Addams Family!
  2. After a page or two of jibberish, it started writing random words with scribbles in it. I was told that would happen
  3. I stopped at that point, because that’s when my brain engaged, and I freaked out a little bit.

So, the next day, I tried autotyping on my laptop. Now, you want to feel something bizarre? Try that. The first time, I lasted all of several minutes, because I was so weirded out that my fingers started flying over the keys – without my even being engaged at all.  However, when I opened my eyes and looked at the typing, I had a page full of an extended version of this:

Riwoess;dlkl ri hgt4u3969wor tgjgiy4ie9epq[e  gj4ri496yurotig hj3qr[olergi40egt4r56y7rgewk tyugbrogy95g gj40rgjhhjt5lrlwld,49tu rorkg r gyuig rhjtjfkeolyt95nveitiyepoirpoimge9n4ieofkd’;lk rohjhyq’s;doigj trlkd gioirjldfioermlekjgioer fl;kg a;ewiojg

After that, I wrote it off for about a week. I couldn’t deny the weirdness of my fingers just flying over the keys, but unless I was typing some decipherable code, it was sort of a waste of my time!

However, I kept on feeling a compulsion to get back to it, and when I did allow myself to consider it, I’d get THE BUZZ, and this nagging feeling.

So I tried it again. This time, in my intention, I made sure to include that I would not be afraid, and I would not freak out in consciously connecting with my spirit guide. I also decided that I would see if I could “see” any thoughts moving in the direction of my fingers. OK, that sounds weird, right? If you’re going to be reading this, get used to it! It’s difficult to describe stuff like this when it’s not mainstream in vocabulary!!!

This time, I stayed distant, but it was like in my head I was keeping one eye squinted and open to peek….but just a little bit! And here was the funny thing: when I did that, while still in a meditative state, it was like I felt someone talking to my brain, and I was watching words feed through my brain as I typed them, for lack of a better explanation. Like I was transcribing something. I stayed meditative, didn’t allow myself to freak out – which would essentially pull me out of it. I guess you’d say I let it flow. This time, here’s what came through:

You must be awake and conscious for me to give you messages. I do not [need to] know your [written] language to write it myself. So I translate through you.

This is your path. You know it now. You will not understand all now, but in time you will. Your body will feel different as will your soul. The light is your work… Be patient, there is much to learn, much to teach… We love all, as we are one… Your hands know. Use them. Remember. We will help you. This existence is beautiful, the next will be indescribable to you as you understand now.

I am done today… Much love.

How cool! Boy, that was like the first hit of a very addictive drug. I was hooked!