Welcome Home.

Are you ready to finally surrender to this amazing experience of transformation, let go of all of the remaining walls and blockages you hold that prevent you from FULLY stepping into who and what you are, shed your perceived limitations, and allow yourself to remember your previously forgotten Divine perfection and bliss? 

Then you’ve come to the right place… come and “live the shift” with me!

It’s time to REALIZE who we are (ALL of us), TRANSFORM ourselves and our experience from a place of limitation (physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and /or spiritual) and separation, and ASCEND to living from our FULL consciousness here and everywhere.

I AM part of your soul family, an awakened ascended master, here to be a Divine Light Bringer, shining the light to help remind others that we are ALL angels, archangels, ascended masters… that we are ALL the Divine… and there is nothing to attain in “ascension”… we need only to remember. The time for separation, hierarchy, limitations, exclusion, and disempowerment is OVER; part of my purpose is helping you to remember how to access all that is freeing, healing, and releasing, into your natural state of full self-empowerment, joy, (fun), and love… with as much grace, ease, and effortless flow as you’ll allow!

Come on this journey with me, and we will laugh together, cry together, and play together in the magical remembrance of our limitlessness.

In form and formlessness,
In illusion and in true depth
your spirit is floating,
You are an orb of light
in the sea of unfathomable bliss
Immersed in the stream of consciousness
called life.

~ Martien Bakens