Companions on the Journey

ascended-mastersFBAs I’ve progressed along on this accelerated spiritual journey, there are many, many non-incarnate “companions” and counsel I have encountered – what many consider angels, archangels, ascended masters, star beings, and other personas and facets of higher consciousness. I love them all dearly; they are (of COURSE) family, and all are simply another face of me and you!!! Some have accompanied me for a good portion of the journey… including before I was consciously aware of their presence; others just come and go for specific circumstances. It’s much like how we have people in our lives here in the 3D! I have huge gratitude for all of them, for their part in assisting me, assuring me, pushing me, and supporting me all along the way, as they’ve reflected back to me what was important so I could remember the fullness of who it is I AM (even when I was resistant about allowing that remembrance). Every single one of them has felt familiar to me from the beginning; I never felt any sense of separation or estrangement from them, and our connection has always been pure and familial. The more I exist more fully in Oneness and more and more without separation, the less I see them as separate from me at all. Their voices have simply integrated into my own, their remembrance has generally become my own, as well.

Such is the consciousness of Oneness; they are simply other faces to the Divine Consciousness of which I am (and you are) a part; no real difference between them and me… or you and me. We ARE them!

I provide more in-depth discussion on this in the Membership areas, but for those looking from a name that came to them, I have had a tight and extensive relationship with Archangel Ezekiel (Archangel of Transformation and Death), Adama of Telos (who has now transformed fully into Archangel Daniel, the archangel of Universal Love), and Ascended Master Jeshua/Yeshua (who many in the 3D refer to as Jesus) because they have been and continue to be my devoted… at my side, effortlessly, willingly, since the lot of us agreed to carry out specific roles together, in many complementary ways, as I’ve more and more remembered my own! Also, each of them have “sent me” a number of to help them on the next phase of their journeys… so I’m guided to leave them listed here, as they continue helping!

If you’re looking for more information about any of these or a number of other persona with whom I’ve had relations, see the section called Your Discovery, and gain access to the Resources area, posted for your reference!