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Living the Shift


Upcoming Classes/Workshops


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ONLINE Show: Living the Shift

Join me to get your day started with a spiritual boost in this half-hour Google Hangout! What’s the topic? Whatever guidance provides… whatever it is, it’s a SURE THING that if you’re listening, there will be something valuable and timely in it for YOU!

SO many topics in all aspects of life during this awesome and transformational time, from as common to as woo-woo as the topics dictate… the possibilities are limitless! Add it on to your calendar; all you need is a Google+ account… hope you can join in!

You can access previous episode information on the Living the Shift Online Show page.


Discussion Groups

  • Meetup Group – Living the Shift
    Are you looking for opportunities to explore a variety of spiritual viewpoints, practices, and experiences in a space of complete acceptance with a group of open-minded individuals? Are you interested in all things “living the shift”… and how to incorporate some of the most “out there” (metaphysical) concepts into practical, every day life? Come and join us on this exploration… expansion… and transformation together!


Consciousness Transformation Discussion Group
Tuesday, 3/14/17 7:00-9:00pm
Soma Wellness Center, Cary, NC

Looking for a spiritual discussion group with whom to discuss the more “advanced” topics, while building community?

Then come over and let’s chat and play together! This is a monthly discussion group with a focus geared toward the individual who is active in their spiritual progression and expansion, at intermediate through advanced levels, simply looking for mutual support of and sharing with their tribe of like-hearted individuals on advanced spiritual topics, insights, and collective energies, as well as happenings around the world and Multiverse from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective. Discussion will focus on where we are, our accelerated progression, different perceptions and realities. All topics are game… and we’ll explore what it is we’d like to explore together! As this is just starting, we’ll figure it out together… and even maybe do a group meditation/”healing” at the end! Hope you can come to chat and play!

Suggested love donation $5

Sign up for notices at here

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Upcoming Classes/Events/Retreats

  • Spiritual Vortex Energetic Clearing and Activation Weekend

Pilot’s Creek Cabin Retreat, Pilot Mountain, NC
March 24-26, 2017
Personal Investment: $325

Have you felt the pull to make some energetic/spiritual/metaphysical adjustments, but haven’t recently been able to make the space in your life to do that? Are you ready to clear the way energetically to leap into whatever the “next level” is on your spiritual path, and really activate your “ultimate you”?

Then leave the laptop behind and come along on this powerful, intimate weekend journey in the secluded Pilot’s Peak Cabin Retreat, just beyond the edge of the powerful, multi-dimensional energy vortex Pilot Mountain! There will be a high-vibrational vortex held specifically focused on energetically opening and activating what’s necessary for participants to clear the path and move forward to “what’s next” in the highest and best way. The weekend will also be imbued with guided and unguided meditation, energy work and activation/expansion exercises, outdoors and hiking time (including on Pilot Mountain, weather permitting)… and a breath (or many) of fresh air!

At the end of the weekend, participants will return to their lives in a higher vibration, with a shift in perspective and the beginning of new energetic practices and insight toward attaining “what’s next”!

Hope you can join us for this magical immersion experience! Capacity is 5 participants… so commit to yourself and sign up today! 


  • Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class

Raleigh, NC
January 23-25, 2017
Personal Investment: $435
(For those who have taken the Self-Development via Divine Consciousness/Trinity One class, tuition is 20% off, at $350!)

Are you ready to SOAR into the next leap in consciousness in the most powerful and magical way….with grace, ease, and effortless flow?

Are you ready to change your ENTIRE experience to one of full empowerment, healing, creation, enlightenment, and *MAGIC*?” if you’ve answered yes to any of these, this class might be for YOU!

This class is for BOTH those who are wanting to use it for their own spiritual development AND for seasoned intuitives/spiritual practitioners who want to amplify their practice infinitely and in an accelerated manner. Everyone who has taken it and used it has had amazing results!

It’s time to remember and access FULL empowerment, ascension, and enlightenment (oh, yes… and FUN) into YOUR reality!!! The remembrance of Trinity Energy Progression™ has been gifted back to the Earth to help us open the pathways within to directly access the Divine Consciousness, free of limitations and ego. Is it a practice? A tool? An energetic healing modality? Is it different than all the rest? Yes, yes, yes…. and YES!

If you’d to like find out how, and how this is different from other practices and modalities – and how this actually ENHANCES others, as well, see the Trinity Energy Progression Website for more information.

Trinity Energy Progression™ is an entirely different – and FREEING – way of perceiving and experiencing our Universe, an entirely different way of living in infinite access, singularity and Divine Truth, versus duality and disempowerment. It helps you change your reality to one that is LIMITLESS, in more ways than the mind imagines. It works on a physical, mental environmental, emotional, and spiritual level and helps you remember how to create your reality DIFFERENTLY – regardless of what others tell you (what you “can” and “can’t do) – in the highest and best way for YOU, and with the most grace and ease for YOUR journey.

• CHANGE all that limits you, and fully step into your Divine power!

• Remember and accept ascension and enlightenment

• Easily transcend all former limitations, rituals, “rules.”

At the end of this class, students can practice on themselves AND with others, the collective, the world… you name it! Plus, you become part of a mutually supportive community that’s all over the country!

Class Hours:

Friday, June 23rd, 1:00-6:00pm
Saturday, June 24th, 9:30am-4:30pm
Sunday, June 25th 9:30am-3:30pm

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If there are any of these types of classes or groups in which you would like to participate but don’t see them here, email me with any questions and/or suggestions, and/or to be included on the mailing list to be notified when more classes become available.