Angela has been one of the biggest helps and mentors in my life. I found her during a difficult and painful time in my life. Her Trinity Energy Progression Sessions helped me significantly. And more so compared to the other energy modalities that I had tried before. Trinity went deeper and the results would stick. Throughout the coming years, I took the Trinity Practitioner class that Angela taught and I learned to find the answers within myself. It took a long time for me, and during that time, Angela helped me and listened and answered questions that I had or answered them in a way that helped me find the answers myself. Also, The Trinity community that I met helped me as well. They feel like family that I can go to for help and they can come to me for help and we listen and support each other.

Having Trinity Energy Progression sessions isn’t just that, it’s a journey and a relationship. It’s a relationship with yourself and with others in the community, if you so choose to take the class. I highly encourage it. I am so thankful that I was able to find Angela and take the class from her. It has changed my life and my perspective on it.

~Ashley W.

* * * * *


Can you imagine living life in technicolor; is this something you long for? I used to dream of it, believe it was possible; yet still after almost thirty years of being on this spiritual path, it all seemed elusive.  My life was filled with extremes of emotions, situations, and experiences … yet it was all still so black, white, grey, and brown. Literally … my home and clothing have mostly been black, brown, and more muted colors for many years, with a touch of color, or with some exceptions.

Enter Angela Coulter into my life …..  It’s as if all of a sudden … everything that I’ve heard, everything others tried to teach me and I tried to learn over the past 30 years just became part of me. It was as simple as that. Well, Angela’s guidance in so many ways plus my willingness to allow myself to shift.

What I’ve discovered is that it doesn’t really matter what roles I’ve shared with Angela (client, Trinity Energy Progression™ student, admin, consultant). Ultimately, all that really counts is that we are soul sisters. Angela reminds me to remember who I am and that I already know everything ….. that I know how to connect to my own Divine Consciousness … everything is within … we are all connected … we are One … it’s all an illusion … we create our own reality.

Another thing I appreciate about Angela is that I know she’s guided in what to say.  So when I find myself having a reaction to something she’s said, I know it’s not personal and it’s just a mirror for me on where to focus my self-work. An interesting dynamic I’ve been exploring is what occurs internally in me when Angela suggests something for me to explore which doesn’t resonate with me. Sometimes I wonder if she isn’t guided to say something which doesn’t “fit me” to help me continue to learn how to stand in my own truth … without excuses, rationale, or justifications. Nowadays I allow myself to just be.

The inner freedom, peace, and ease I’ve been seeking is now in reach for me.  I often have blissful periods for no discernable reason except that it’s beginning to become my regular way of life.

If you’re ready to remember the magnificent being you are, are willing to face your 3D self head-on, and are willing to allow yourself to just be in the moment … then I highly recommend Angela as a companion for you on your journey.

~ Laurel L.

* * * * *

I met Angela after my daughter had been seeing her, explained energy healing to me, and then recommended I try it out! My vocal chords had been paralyzed after cancer surgery and treatment; I’d had follow-up surgeries to try to correct this, to no avail.  At the time I met Angela, I literally had no voice (Angela had to literally lean forward to hear me talk when I was sitting two feet away from her), and doctors had told me I would never speak in more than a whisper. I had been a cheerleader in high school; I wanted to be heard again!

We proceeded to work together for 6 sessions and see how it went. After the 6 sessions, my voice was improving; after 6 more, there was a noticeable improvement. Along with all of this, there were many issues around my health and my past marriage that I was able to resolve within myself. I then took the Trinity Energy Progression training class from Angela, and it all leapfrogged from there! Though I’m continuing to regain my voice and regain standing in my Truth, I can again speak to a roomful of people comfortably, and I feel much better about myself!

I am so grateful to Angela for being there for me. I really have learned so much and my life as changed so much, it is hard to describe!

~ Lynn T.

* * * * *

I have only known Angela [in this lifetime] for two years, but I know it has been many [lifetimes]. Not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, Angela is also one of the most extraordinary, generous, dedicated beings I have ever met!

Archangel Ezekiel brought us together in a quite amusing way. I am sure he has driven many to her. Angela’s messages inspire the questioning souls and the Awakened and has made us soar to new understandings in the timelier manner, always perfectly explained, and in the highest vibration I have ever encountered.

My practice would not be as powerful without Angela and the work we have done together, and I can also say that my life has changed in miraculous ways since I began listening to her on YouTube! Thank you, Angela, my soul sister, my friend for life. I am forever grateful for all I’ve learned and the time I’ve spent with you. It’s been amazing!

~ Nicole C.

* * * * *

I’ve worked with Angela for a great length of time as first her client and then her student, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life! Angela is an awesome spiritual mentor and energy healing facilitator. Our connection is seamless and I’ve always felt comfortable talking to her because she makes me feel important no matter what. She’s never judged me for anything I’ve gone through and she’s always had a way of making me feel better about myself and about my life in general. I’ve made some amazing transformations under her care, and I eventually became an energy healing facilitator myself. I also rediscovered my other passion for dance and now I’m a dance healing facilitator. Angela helped steer me in the right direction; the one that was in my highest and best to pursue. Here, I found my true passion for living and my soul’s ultimate purpose, which is dance and energy healing facilitating. I love my life in every way and I love that I am continuing to grow and evolve and discovering more wonderful  aspects of myself. It’s an incredible ride, and I can thank Angela for helping me open up the magical box of possibility!! I continue to work with Angela as a Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator and I love the time that we get to spend together. Thank you, Angela, from the bottom of my heart and from the depths of my soul.

~ Sandy A.

* * * * *

I first started seeing Angela when I initially became “awake,” and I’ve continued to see her as needed for years.  Each time I see her, I feel cleared and reconnected.  Her sessions always offer me a profound shift, and I feel so close to my Divinity.  Angela’s wisdom and compassion provides a safe place to heal and grow; she will be a practitioner that I work with for a long time.

I am also trained by Angela in Trinity Energy Practitioner.  I have found using it to be profound, and use it for all my distant/remote client sessions, as well as for my own healing and for clearing spaces.  I am in so much gratitude for her training and her continued willingness to offer so many ways to learn, grow and heal!

– Lauren M.

* * * * *

After being hit with an autoimmune disease 4 years ago, I was looking for ways to expand my spiritual practice to help with the joint pain.  I had studied the “Course in Miracles” and became a Reiki I Practitioner almost 30 years ago.  I had been sporadic in my spiritual practices over the years.

Angela Coulter encouraged me to meditate to help with the pain and provided me with guided meditations that she had recorded.   The guided meditations helped me control my health issues.

She strongly encouraged me to the possibilities of starting an energy healing business which I had been contemplating for years.  Angela was a steadfast mentor, always seeing more in me than I could see in myself.  With her support and encouragement, I started my business, have reduced my health issues and become more present with my friends and family. I feel that I can do anything, as long as I believe I can.  Angela has been one of the most influential people in my life, and I thank her dearly for that.

I would highly recommend working with Angela for more peace and joy in all areas of your health-spiritual, mental, physical or emotional.

– Ann M.

* * * * *

How can I express what Angela has helped me with in mere words? I really can’t but I’ll give it a shot…

Have you ever seen a baby or a video of a baby taking its first steps and the excitement around it?  Now imagine you’re an adult and have to learn to walk all over again, yet this time you’re fully aware you are doing it and what it means. That’s what I got out of working with Angela. It’s not just learning to walk all over again, but learning (or remembering) a new language that I never thought I’d learn (or remember)… or even knew was there to begin with! It’s learning to know what unconditional love for myself and others truly is. Angela is. And she guided the change in my life beyond all and I thank and love her deeply for that.

~ David P.

* * * * *

Angela is an extremely gifted spiritual mentor who has helped guide and empower me to find and implement my own personal passion in life.

– Debi W.

* * * * *

You were my first teacher who steered me, just by being who you are. I wouldn’t be in the spiritual practice that has changed my life if it wasn’t for you. Please know I appreciate you and am so very grateful. Love you Angela!

~ Mary C.

For testimonials specific to Trinity Energy Progression™, see the Trinity Energy Progression Testimonials page.

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